Good day fellow Patriots, Seems something I was reading a few days ago, speaking of the next terrorist attack asking where the likely location will be. Well I remember the name Philadelphia was stated.This morning around 10:30 one and maybe more buildings collapsed. Fox news is reporting no explosions were heard.Fox also stated officials said there is no indication of terrorist activity.Let us be alert and carry.Now the DOJ is planing to arrest anyone using social media to disparage Muslims. Whoa!!!! Guess I'll be first because I haven't met one I liked and the main one I hate is BHO.Again, be alert and carryWhat are we going to do people? I read the president assured the UN the USA Will be a Muslim country by 2016.Not if I can help it. Don't give up, call your government reps Email reps Join any groups that excite you.Do the same in your state. Suggest the invocation of nullification of federal laws. Get that to pass in your state and piss Obama off. Serve him right, I'm pissed at him.How many of you have thought about the black mob voilence against whites? What and more important WHO is driving that? I wouldn't want to start any rumors but where might an idea like that come from? I truly believe the mobs responsible did not come up with the idea, no to insult Blacks, I just think the mobs are being directed by someone.One more very good reason to be alert and CARRY.Watching Fox news it does appear to be an industrial accident. The building was being demolished.At least old angry white people won't be blamed.Seize the day Patriots!
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