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If you wonder why so much publicity by the Democrats over Coke and Wal-Mart voter ID laws, look no further, because the DEMS want to distract you and take your eyes off the ball. The Democrats and Liberal News Media play by their own set of rules and what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. 4063488022?profile=original


Good Ole Soros has his hands in just about everyone’s pocket including many journalists and a variety of different news venues.  Soros directs, dictates and controls what is said in the Progressive News Media, because he wants more airtime for the Progressive agenda depending on the theory that if something is repeated often enough people will start believing the message.


According to George’s executive summary, he’s connected at the hip with about 30 major mainstream news outlets. This includes CNN, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post and believe it or not the Associated Press (AP.) Maybe you heard the raving reviews about Obama yesterday by Associated Press Chairman Dean Singleton – this is Liberal bias in the lowest degree. 


Is it a breach of ethics when prominent journalists like Christine Amanpour from ABC, Jill Abramson executive editor for NYT, Arianna Huffington from Huffington Post, Geneva Overholser (Director of the School of Journalism) at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Matt Thompson (Big dog from NPR?)  take“Ole George’s Cash” in exchange for editing and slanting the news to the far left.  It’s crooked as a dog’s hind leg and violates the Professional Journalists’ ethic code. 


Since 2010 all these vile corrupt organizations have their marching orders from Obama and Soros – they’ve been instructed to take FOX news out of the picture.  This is pretty much the time class warfare kicked into full swing – ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, MM attacked FOX form all sides accusing them of race baiting, ethic animosity throwing in words like Islamophobia and Mother Jones (Soros backed organization) said the goal is to take FOX down. 


It’s time to do what Soros did; we need an investigative team to start spending extensive amount of time researching these Open Society organizations and the Liberal News Media.  Expose them daily – show America the difference between “fair and balanced” news and regurgitated, re-edited political propaganda. 


Here are some of Soros’s and Obama’s top “Junk Yard Dogs” who thrive on George’s money in exchange for promoting his Progressive agenda –


Let’s cut to the chase – if you want to help expose those who are backing Obama and Soros and their radical agenda please go to:


Help your tea parties and conservative groups by tweeting, using face book, Digg, and other social venues.  Be pro active take never let a crisis go to waste.  Great example start telling our youth, the African Americans, Hispanics, women the real story fair and balanced.  Here are a few examples right now that need our attention.


Obama threatened our Supreme Court Judges


The DOJ is attacking the Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Joe


Obama gave illegal aliens a get out of jail free card


Chu – has stolen billions of dollars from American taxpayer’s for the “Green Companies.”


Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Jackson and all those inciting racism


It’s time to take our Country back one baby step at a time!  We are Americans and we will “Take Back Our Country.” 


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • Ditto Matt Fox and Paul Z.

  • I would rather have NO Partys, as when the country was born.  We would have candidates running on how they will uphold our Constitution & faithfully execute the Laws of Congress.  There would be no Party favoritism, and we would look at the record, policies and beliefs of the candidates to decide who would best serve our country, not some ideology.

  • After this election, we have to create a legitimate 2 party system that does not include the Republican and Democrat Parties which now are but One Party and that One Party is the Big Government Party and it is totally Fascistic and Totalitarian, and our votes are meaningless as long as we cast them before these swine.

  • I agree with this post fully but, We DON'T have time for baby steps!!! That's what THEY have been doing for the last 100 years! We ONLY have until Nov & I've been Tweeting, Facebooking, etc & ALL my Patriot friends too for years now! THEY CONTROL THE MEDIA & NOT everyone gets their news like I do from the NET & GBTV ONLY!!! I DON'T have a better plan & I'M NOT GIVING UP!!! But, we MAY have to just KEEP CALLING OUR CLOWN REPRESENTATIVES & KEEP TWEETING, FACEBOOKING, etc till we can VOTE THEM(LIBERAL,COMMIES, SOCIALISTS, PROGRESSIVES) OUT OF The REDHOUSE, CRIMINAL-Senate & the DO NOTHING ABOUT THE COMMIE OBAMA Congress! I can tell you one thing We CAN & WILL go to a 3rd Party in 2016-(The PEOPLE'S CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY) but, NOT until THE COMMIE & ALL HIS CRIMINAL MINIONS ARE GONE!!! Otherwise we will JUST HAND THE CRIMINAL COMMIE THE ELECTION!!! So as soon as we DO get THE CRIMINAL COMMIE OUT, we will THEN CLEAN HOUSE OF BOTH PARTIES!!! For the 2016 election it will be safe to GET RID OF ALL POLITIANS that DON'T GO BY THE CONSTITUTION, ALL RINOS & ALL CAREER POLITIANS!!! Then with OUR 3rd party we will INSIST ON "TERM LIMITS FOR "ALL POLITIANS & ALL JUDGES TOO"!!! I hate to say this but, unless we get THE COMMIE OUSTED through sheriff Joe Apiao, this might be the last FAKE election & SADLY, I DON'T THINK THERE WILL BE ANYWAY AROUND THIS EXCEPT a COUNTER REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR!!! I DON'T think this is GOING TO END WELL!!! So PREPARE PATRIOTS NOW, if you haven't already!!! You can NEVER prepare ENOUGH!!!! STOCK UP ON EVERYTHING!!! MAY GOD HELP US ALL!!!

  • Please let's have someone help us get organized, pick a subject for the day put it out on Twitter, Facebook and other social venues. Tweet it to Hannity, Greta, Boehner etc. 

  • Great post,MW.

    It seems the left is doing all they can to overwhelm us...anyone think it's time fight fire with fire?

  • I think a New Party is a good idea and I think a good name for it would be "The Constitution Party"...........JMHO

  • This isgood because it will expose liberals as what they are: hipocrites, biased, two faced, and have their agenda. I've thought for years that the so called "mainstream media" have betrayed the trust that people should have in them to relay news in a fair, balanced, truthful, factual way with both or all sides presented from a uninvolved mindset. But that's not what they have been doing for the last 45 years. They are part of the problem, a big part. Just like with Rush, he gets lambasted for being uncouth and then all of a sudden all the leftists that have been uncouth for years (without any outrage) are called on the carpet because their bias and double standard is suddenly exposed. It's good stuff.

  • Not only that but they keep you on the defensive. While you are trying to put out the truth they are hatching a new crop. It's like trying to save a house being eaten by termites while the fire is raging. It's a water fall of false information. Your effort is drowned out by the force of the media on every side and the truth never gets a chance to be assimilated before a new lie is hatched. It's like trying to talk to a group of people while someone with a megaphone is telling untruths. It's the machine gun effect... it doesn't matter if you have a dead aim to hit the target it will happen if enough projectiles are sent in that direction.

  • And, this Propaganda and Lie Campaign is being planned, scripted, orchestrated and implemented by the entire Democrat Machine and the Media.   The Congressional Black Caucus Members get to call people racists, to tell lies about what people have said such as The TEA Party members of congress wanted to hang black people, etc.   These lying SOB's know they are lying and the Media also Know They Are Lying,  but the Media Reports Things as Facts knowing that the vast majority of the Ignorant Masses only Hear the Sound Bytes which get repeated over and over 24-7 by the media on TV and Radio, so the Damage is Done and never gets exposed.   Obama and his Propaganda Machine know what they are doing, it is putting people's lives in danger.   It is the most despicable and reckless behavior I have ever witnessed in my entire life, and it is obvious that the Media is absolutely part of the intentional conspiracy to propagate and promote these vicious lies that are not only trying to destroy a cause, they are inciting violence against individuals and groups.   And, it appears that we Conservatives have absolutely nobody at the National Level who has the Guts and Intelligence to address this criminal act by this president and congressional members.   And, of course the media is not going to address this nonsense because the media is owned and operated by the same folks who pull Obama the Puppet's Strings.

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