A retired United States Army colonel expects as many as 30 million like-minded individuals will descend on Washington, DC this week and demand that President Barack Obama and other members of his administration be booted from office.

Those are just some of the demands that Col. Harry Riley, founder of “Operation American Spring,” said he’ll ask the Obama administration to adhere to when militia members and patriots of all sorts arrive in the nation’s capital on Friday and begin demonstrating against a government the group considers to be in violation of the principles established by the founders of the country. 

“We are calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration,” Riley told the Before Its News website during an interview earlier this year. 

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“They have all abandoned the US Constitution,” he said, and “are unworthy to be retained in a position that calls for servant status.” 

Riley told Before Its News in January that he expects his Operation American Spring movement will provoke anywhere from 10 million to 30 million Americans to mobilize this week and arrive in DC, where they will participate in a “massive, gigantic effort as a last stand before America moves into a more devastating condition.” 

“For more than five years, ‘we the people’ have been writing, calling, faxing Congress, the media, screaming in town halls, marching, rallying, demonstrating, petitioning, all to no avail,” he said. “Every branch of government looks at ‘we the people’ whom they have taken an oath to serve, as ‘pests,’ interfering with their political agenda, cramping their self-serving, greedy agendas. We have no faith in the ballot box any longer, as many believe this sacred secret box has been compromised.” 

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  • Glen needs to support this as he supported Occupy! Come on Glen!
  • Perhaps I am getting the wrong link but I followed a link from someone else's posting originally. I know there are vile people out there. I just hold my head up and lead by example... All one can do sometimes. Thx for the heads-up! I support those at OAS and am posting on my FB page.
  • on Before its news he is covering the event but he said he is having problems lots of wind, he will be back at noon HELP HELP ITS OUR LAST CHANCE TALKING ON HERE DOES NOTHING AMEN

  • now u will see true colors of Media and others if they don't assist these patriots

  • am ashamed at glenn Beck has he been bought, sure he wabts us to fund anything he does, but now when he has achance to help he makes fun of that fact there's a few thousand people, why isn't he giving a shout out with his radio program to go and represent the country coward true colors coming out we are being played people, plz help go and bring food and water, don't leave, get bus loads and that big mouth Alex Jones SHOUT OUT HELP!!` AMENB

  • I received an email that linked to posts about Operation American Spring. Here is one:

    Operation American SpringNaysayers are having a fit and lashing out whenever and wherever they can. Their posts are foul and offensive, they shame themselves. As part of OAS today we had members of: III% Oath Keepers Anonymous Tea Party Militia Occupy Christians Agnostics Atheist Republicans Democrats Independents Liberals Conservatives Powerful don't like it when people choose not to be divided (24 hour news cycle exist to keep us divided) and instead are becoming united. Change is coming. Today was just a pre-amble. We had approximately 2,000 Citizen's on the Washington D.C. Mall today. The coming days and weeks and months will reveal the character of a Nation. God bless you all. See you tomorrow. 1
  • Thank god for all they do, they are Patriots.
  • Eric Rush from World Net Daily did a live audio on it- interview
    our support and peacefully protest against our lawless federal government.
  • Obviously, Karin Six, you did not get to the Operation American Spring FB page because it is a closed group page and you would need to be sponsored to be posting there.  You seem to be getting into a site designed to throw deceit into the mix.  I just visited the actual closed pages and your postings that you speak of do not show up on our site.  Maybe you should join the home group on

  • I just posted on their FB page asking for info... All I got was rude comments from the left. Feel we need to support them thus please post words of encouragement on their FB page. Warning: lots of negativity there! We def need to enlighten a few million people!
This reply was deleted.