HEY GENTLEMEN. You hit the nail right on the head.
Both the Obama Regime and the Hispanic overthrow of this nation is the unsettling downfall of our rights and liberties as we know them.
2011is supposed to be, by the Prophetic Timeline of the Book of Daniel, chapter 11 and verse 20 the year of the End of The Taxman! But, nobody believes in the prophetic. Nobody believes in the Bible, and or, nobody believes in the way I have learned how to interpret this piece of scripture.
I assume (or guess) that the word I had published a few months ago has fallen upon deaf ears and blind eyes. To much rhettoric has been placed upon the distraction and nothing given in the arena of creedence to the SuperNatural Laws of the Prophetics of God. Oh well.
We're all in the same boat now. Could have been a cake walk through this valley of the Shadow of Death, now its more like we're all going to be trudging through the muck and the mire of muddy streets of ill-repute, children 1,000 X worse off all the way around than they already are in 2011. And soon too.
Ridding ourselves of the Taxman, hmmm, What could that have produced?
No more Welfare and Food Stamps.
No more Home Owners Associations in Politics
No more Outsourcing of Jobs and Corporate Glut
No more Oopsy Daisy, Sorry Gubnah, was that your oil shale we just drilled through, CRAP!
No more Wall Street and overladened Banking Pigs
No more Ruby Ridge or Waco's
And another 1,000 X NO! And one hell of a lot more BETTER! HMMM! America, SAVE AMERICA!
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  • Thankyou My Friends. The end is coming, just how soon, who knows. But at least we all can agree, that when it is here, we won't be, amen.
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