Obama Won’t Confiscate Guns?? Are you Blind???


                        Since Barack Obama has said he is going to send federal agents into Oklahoma and other states to enforce Obamacare, what is there to make me believe he won’t send federal agents in to enforce his gun registration/confiscation scheme?  If he “dictates” an executive order that I have to turn in or register any weapons and I refuse, who is going to enforce that dictate?  If Congress decrees that I cannot own particular types of weapons or magazines and I refuse to comply, who is going to enforce it?

In his E/O decree on Obamacare he essentially said the states have no right to oppose the federal government, that the federal government has the final say, PERIOD!!!, he is the ultimate authority of the land  http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/14892-obama-admin-ignores-nullification-federal-agents-will-enforce-obamacare .  Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution say different!!!  Obama and his “Gangs of ??????” in Congress, both political parties,  see themselves as rulers rather than servants of We the People. 

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  • Bob, You may be right but I am hoping that at least 20% of them follow Jesus and seek the truth!  Remember that ultimately God is in control and HIS WILL... will be done.

  • Louis, I believe they are all in on the conspiracy, well most of them. None of them in Congress are useful idiots, those who support this crap are part of the ruling cabal who see liberty as a threat to their tyrannical plans.

  • I believe that he and his entourage of miscellaneous organizations belong to the One World Government advocates and that they believe the only way they can get America to give up its sovereignity and freedom is to bring it to its knees.  Confiscation of guns is necessary to achieve that goal as is bringing about economic deterioration to the same point historically as happened prior to the take over of Germany by the Nazis.  The Nazis would never have been able to get control of Germany if the economic situation on main street had been ok.  Because people were literally starving the man on the White Horse came to the rescue.  It is interesting to note that the German people did not vote for hitler but he finagled his way in throught the back door.  The German people were happy that somone would take control and save them even though he was doing the work of the devil.  My point is that when a profound deterioration in every area of American life occurs the people will throw up their hands and accept what the One Worlders have in store for them, which is slavery to a world wide system.  That translates into poverty, loss of freedom, loss of freedom of religion, and basicly the government telling you what you can and cannot do, where you can and cannot go, etc.  Total government control.  The UN has already advocated the outlaw of hand guns.  A population that has gun ownership rights cannot be controlled by an organization(s) (One World Government) therefore the first step is take away all guns.  Either Congresswoman Feinstein is a fool who is being used or she is part of the conspiracy or she has some profound psyschological problem/fears regarding guns.  The question is who is behind the One World Government?  Listen to this extremely interesting 15 minute recording to get an idea of who is doing what to whom.


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