No Go Zones: New Book on Islamic Ghettos in Western World

( Muslims do not assimilate! They infiltrate! If go to our Constitution you find out that is only one supreme of the land is our CONSTITUTION and it's Bill of Rights no other law has authority here also you fine that you can not create a state with in a state with out approval of the states and federal government! )      

Source: No Go Zones: Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam Unveils New Book on Islamic Ghettos In Western World

Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam this weekend revealed the cover of his new book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

The book — available for pre-order now — details Kassam’s travels through European and American neighborhoods where Islamic law finds itself a part of local communities, and ties together narratives between these new ghettos and Islamic radicalism.

The book, published by Regnery, is due to be released on August 14th and is currently available on Amazon, as as well through Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and iBooks/iTunes.

The stark cover image — sure to outrage liberals and No Go Zone deniers — depicts a State of Liberty veiled with in a full burqa, an item of clothing so regressive it has even banned by the French government as well as in other public places across Europe.

Speaking on the cover, Kassam said: “It’s an image that some will claim is ‘outrageous’ or ‘hyperbolic’, but when you look at what is going on as regards the discussion around Islam — as well as what is taking places in areas across the U.S. such as Hamtramck in Michigan — it is both a stark warning about failing to demand assimilation or integration from new migrants, as well as a muzzle effectively placed on Lady Liberty”.

 No Go Zones, with its foreword by former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, is available for pre-order now and is published on August 14th by Regnery Publishing.

From the description:

Raheem Kassam, a courageous reporter and editor at, takes us where few journalists have dared to tread—inside the No Go Zones, revealing areas that Western governments, including the United States, don’t want to admit exist within their own borders.

With compelling reporting, Kassam takes you into Islamic areas you might not even know existed—communities, neighborhoods, and whole city districts from San Bernardino, California, (a No Go Zone of the mind) to Hamtramck, Michigan (essentially an Islamic colony in the Midwest); from Malmö, Sweden, to the heart of London, England—where infidels are unwelcome, Islamic law is king, and extremism grows.

In No Go Zones, Kassam reveals:

  • How in No Go Zones a blind eye is being turned to polygamy, female genital mutilation, sexual assault, segregation, and even honor killings
  • Why Muslim ghettos in the West aren’t the equivalent of Little Italy or Chinatown, but a serious cultural and political threat
  • How the welfare state actually funds and supports a Muslim subculture of resentment
  • How to identify extremist mosques
  • A matter of numbers: how mass migration could transform Europe into a Muslim-dominated continent within our own lifetimes
  • The alarming speed at which No Go Zones are coming to America

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