Nice Try Demotards...

They didnt have the decency to wait one day. Forget twenty four hours, they didnt wait twenty four minutes!!

After the shootings in Tucson, while the blood was still drying on the pavement, loons like this moron PARTISAN Sheriff in Pima County, the east coast elite scumbags in Congress and the oh, so, deep and serious Kieth Olberman came out swinging at us.

US.  You and me, Tea Party Patriots, Republican activists, Radio Commentators and other conservative voices that are unabashedly against what Obama and his syndicate of SOCIALIST/LEFTIST cronies and what they are doing to the country.  Their evidence?  From what did they draw this response and attack with this rapid and rabid response?

Nothing.  Nada.  Their instinct to "not let a good crisis go to waste" caused them to start running their loud, arrogant mouths, before their koolaid soaked brains were engaged.

I am glad personally - and I am not going to slink away in fear of the threats they are currently making regarding my SACRED, CREATOR ENDOWED RIGHTS, encoded in the CONSTITUTION.

You cant throw this down on US. You cant make this wack job one of ours - no matter how much you blather on and on about "changing the terms used in political discourse."

I want to call you a SOCIALIST...I am going to, and I dont give a tinkers damn if it offends you or your liberal hack cronies in the press.

I will say this for the entire crowd on that side of the isle, though - you guys really do know how to move in quick to score a political point or two.  Really.  Too bad you just jumped the shark on this one...maybe next time you get your freakin facts in order before YOU start engaging in hate filled rhetoric directed towards YOUR political opponents.

Nice try....Not.


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  • The left, I am sure, is looking at this as a win -  win!

    They get to further attack our freedoms almost without check, but with plenty of rhetoric and misrepresentation (which will ultimately go unchallenged as well. Just wait an see.).

    That is a win for them.


    And, they are now minus one Blue Dog (Center Leftist to us, Right Wing to them!) Member of Congress.

    That is another win for them!


    Makes me wonder if this wasn't Really a "Left Wing Plot." LOL? The guy certainly sounds like he was left wing and crazy enough.


    Either way, though, the people of the U.S. will lose. 'Tis a sad, sad day.


  • It's good to know I am not alone in this screwed up place we have created by our almost universal apathy towards maintaining our Grandad is turning over in his grave right now.

    But, hope springs eternal and there is always another day - unless some loony guy with skulls in his back yard reading Karl Marx decides to do something stupid, that is....

  • Robert and Phil, as usual you have correctly revealed the system's inner workings and just how the machine operates.  It is true that with absolutely no probable cause has the Tea party and constituntionalists been targeted as the perpetrator, in the end every citizen shall be yet again handed a bill for the cost of a single act.  True as well is the fact that instead of dealing with the specific crime and the individual that committed that crime, our ever so knowledgable government will turn it's attention in a Dr. Phil's mentallity, not wanting to blame the one that committed the crime, but instead attack the inamnimate objects that my have been utilized in the course of the crime.  And yes, there will be the "poor poor fellow" defense in which as Phil stated, will have costs the citizens millions of dollars before it is all over. 
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