The nnew Answers refuses to post any answers by Conservatives. I know for fact that they have a watchdog that sees what is typed and then refuses what one says if it has honor and real facts! I asked a question about a Wild Bill video and asked those that read it to watch it. It was about the finding of Noahs Ark. I got not one Conservative answer and no one would watch his video. We must see, brothers and sisters, it is corruption at the worst. We note that the Bible says the end will come so fast that some will not see it coming that believe! With Yahoo refusing Conservative Answers in the US, we see our politics in the USA worse than Canada! What can we do? The powers that be reject and condemn us vets and do all against us and the Liberal media supports anything they do! Sad as I see we may be workiing for a loaf of bread and paying a weeks wage as is written! Virgil

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