New for those who post on Yahoo Answers.

If you are Conservative and support morals.. your answer is rejected. A Liheral female told all Conservatives you have been removed. Contact AT&T who owns Yahoo and complain we have no freedom of speech on their site in America! Note that Canada kept the old site!!!! Think, Canada has been Liberal for over 30 years and they still have freedom of speech, but Americans freedoms removed from it! I just posted facts about Evolution and what is called cyclic reasoning that does not support science, but gives us Evolution! NASA wasted our money by looking for life! They did finally find water... no life! Our money and faults teachings in our schools! Your childs biology book probably shows the apparatus that made amino acids! It is not the same that was used to do that! The real one shows it could not happen in nature! We allow our children corrupt education to support evil!

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