In Maryland, the politicians are forcing the limitations on usable living space prescribed in Agenda 21 on the public. They are imposing fees on people who want to build on their own land in areas outside of the big, overcrowded cities. Politicians plan on forcing the population into three large metropolitan areas in Maryland. (Sixteen thousand dollar fees are not unusual for a permit to build on your own land) They are simply making it too expensive to live outside of the cities.

They use other tricks such as the "rain tax" which we have in Maryland. (Warning: the current governor plans on being president after obama)

This is so effective, politicians on a federal level are writing legislation to impose the same restrictions on the entire country.

This proposed legislation will be full of sneaky tricks which the public will not know about.

Summary of Senate Banking Committee Leaders’

Bipartisan Housing Finance Reform Draft

This legislation (and any legislation these sneaky bastards come up with) will be used to impose Agenda 21 limitations on us. It will allow the government to prohibit mortgage loans on property outside of approved areas, and demand huge fines for people who want larger houses in rural areas. They hide their intentions by talking about fair housing and fees etc. This is an example of how they hide things:

"The measure establishes an initial and incentive-based fee structure to support the Housing Trust Fund, the Capital Magnet Fund, and the newly-created Market Access Fund and authorizes FMIC to collect these fees. The incentive fee structure will be established by FMIC." ALL FEES ARE EVENTUALLY PAID BY THE BORROWER. In other words we are at the mercy of bureaucrats.

We can’t save the country until the public understands the true goals of these greedy, power mad regulators. The public must realize how they hide their true intentions in legislation they pass. Politicians have learned that they can hide their intentions by NOT PUBLISHING THE REAL BILL THEY ARE VOTING ON. Instead they post summaries like this one:


Critical clauses will be added AFTER they've conned the public into believing it is beneficial reform legislation.

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