Liberty versus Tyranny

Normally I don't blog about political matters. However, today I will break that silence. Why? Like many of you, I have become quite concerned with America and the direction in which it is heading. As Mark Levin says, we are now living in "Ameritopia."

Under the Obama doctrine, we live under authoritarian and an ever-growng bureaucratic rule. Congress--and that includes progressive Republicans--has fallen in goose-step line with him and his marxist agenda. So has the Supreme Court, thanks to John Roberts whose vote ordained the Obamacare law as "constitutional." (In truth, Roberts rewrote the law as a tax to satisfy those who promoted it as a penalty. Tax. Penalty. What's the difference?) It is amazing to me how a [unconstitutional] law, which no one in D.C. has ever read, can dictate to We the People what we can and cannot do in regard to our own health care.

Sadly, there's more--much more. As Dr. Levin contends, we live in a form of soft tyranny. This president has lied to us time and time again. Examples: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and NSA scandals. I never thought I would say this in my lifetime, but we live under the heel of a dictator whom the print media have embraced and who has with his snake-oil charm and propaganda duped the American people into voting for him twice. Very sad.

One of the things that really irks me about this bureaucratic government takeover of our liberties is the mistreatment of our military personnel, their families and our veterans. They are losing the very benefits for which they fought, and in many instances gave their lives. This is outrageous. A prime example of this abomination is the purposeful maneuver of the Veterans Administration of putting veteran benefits on hold. Many of our heroes have waited several years just for their applications to be reviewed. And what have our elected officials done to fix this problem? Nothing.

But I won't stand by idly. I will continue to do whatever I can, mostly through the net proceeds of the sales of my military novels, to financially help our disabled and homeless veterans. It is the best way I know to demonstrate my cause to help our military and veterans, all of whom gave so much so that I might live in freedom. Please join me in doing whatever you can in saving our great constitutional republic from the iron-fisted tyranny in which we now find ourselves. With God's help, we will win in the end.

God bless America!

T. K. Marion

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  • Eileen, great truth! America has lived by this in who they support here and abroad. It is sad the media refused the Chinese outcry for our helps that they supported in our war in Nam! The media stomped and continues to stomp on Americans graves that gave their life to support our freedoms and other people. The Liberal media has even come against us about WWII and then suggests American freedom fighters in the media are supporters as was Hitler! We better wake up about our media and the biggest propaganda movement in our colleges and schools.. even in pre-school! Look at the so-called helps with "Curious George" on PBS! A child that looks like a monkey is presented as a helps! Our taxes pay for this! This figure in cartoon form is if a monkey was cloned with a child! We all should support real science with facts. We have been taken over by liars who have a religion against all faiths, except humanism! A pre-school child gets use to seeing a half ape and half human in that series! We are always bombarded by the idea that we are a species, yet real scientific facts does not support this! It is propaganda! Remove the Christian faith and remove the rights of those who support it.. meaning a community; a State or Province; and Federally! This started before JFK and Bobby where killed!

  • I'm not worthy to know what our Lord is doing and what His majestic plan is however I love to meditate and ponder what His messages just might be....Here's a theory.


    May be He is trying to reveal who/what the Antichrists are like.  May be He is using them to strengthen your faith so when His people are in their rightful position of authority again will be able to govern better.  Take this time to strengthen your faith and pray.  Thank the Lord for his majesty.  He's at work here by exposing Satan's true intentions.  We are better prepared...You must know thy enemy in order to defeat them.....

    Just a theory

  • "WHEN TYRANNY BECOMES LAW , THEN RESISTANCE BECOMES DUTY".  Thomas Jefferson       Time for a second REVOLUTION !!!!!

  • We need  a system where the people's voice is heard.  Our elected officials have failed us and let the communism in the door.  Obama is evil and must be stopped.

  • "When government fears the people, you have liberty; when the people fear the government, you have tyranny" ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • Why do we wait and wait for the elected officials to do anything about criminal activity done by Obama? Why? They do not deserve to have any more time as business as usual. Therefore it is in this time of history the American people that know and see this evil to rise up and take it down. We must not be afraid, and while those that collect and hoard their guns and brag they will use them, I consider them COWARDS because they haven't used them when they must. They FEAR the Government in their hearts, therefore they will sit and sit and believe the system will work its way out. We will see, but with communist in power in the WH, it will be too late when we allow criminals constantly getting away with their acts and do not care about the American People. Our Founding fathers specifically told us how to recognize those criminals and how to deal with them. Do we stand up or stand down?

  • Caligula and the Roman Senate about 60 A.D. - he entered the stage in Rome after Tiberias' reign. After a short honeymoon of making nice with everyone,

    Emporer Caligula began to alienate the patrician class, and offering Caligula Phones and CaligulaCare to the plebians.  

    Emporers became ever more despotic from that point on as the the stakes get higher, and the will of the people became less important.    

    Tyranny is tyranny.  If POTUS had any class he would RESIGN and suggest several members of his government resign as well - (which beats the enforced suicide of those who disagreed with Roman emporers).

    There was a very small window, a day actually, for the Senate to regain control of Rome and reinstate the Republic instead of the Empire.  They failed and in a day Claudius became the next despot of the doomed Roman Empire.

  • Soft tyranny, the result of 1 President, 1 Attorney General, 535 DC politicians, & 5 Justices, rides roughshod over 300 million.  Hardcore patriotism undercuts with "The Three R's," RECALL, RICO, and RETURN.  All are local and span America.  There's no such thing as failure, other than lack of follow-through.  Do it...Semper Fi

  • We were reviewing a movie on the rise and fall of "Adolph Hitler" the other night and the similiarities between the love and devotion that people had to Hitler in Germany, reminds me of how people were chanting "Obama" when he won both elections.  Politicians are not God nor are they gods, yet it seems the more charismatic one is, the more blindly people follow them.  Many of us, knew from the start, Obama was very untruthful.

    Remember when he campaigned and he said something to the effect that he believed we could have National Health Care in America without it being Socialism?  Well guess what Americans, here we are with full blown Socialized Medicine, being forced onto people who were lied to over and over again about the benefits and features of it.  In any other type of business, Americans would be able to sue over this.  They could claim "Bait and Switch" was used on them as they were told they could keep their own plans, which many can not do.  Also, unethical behavior as Michelle Obama gave the Obamacare computer program design contract to a Canadian friend from college which would be a direct conflict of interests and nepotism.  They also could use the "Anti trust Laws" as now a Monopoly has been created by the Federal Government basically penalizing and putting out of business the Private Health Care Insurance Industries.  Also individuals are having their Second Amendment Constitutional rights violated on a daily basis by being forced into something they do not ethically, morally, spiritually, or economically believe in.  Is it any wonder less then 100, 000 have signed up for it nationally?  

    The biggest question to me is why was Obama not vetted or background checked carefully be either party? 

  • Recently I watched a segment on the History Channel of how Hitler and the Nazi party came to power. The parallels of that, Obama, and the Washington Democrat party, was striking!  Obama and the Liberal Democraps are using the Nazi parties play book to steal total control of this country.  

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