Let's Name the Republican Progressives in Congress.


I know that I am jumping out on a limb here. Yet, we as true followers of the republic must bring attention to those among us that don't represent us or the republic in which it was founded. We must expose these frauds or RINOS and replace them at the ballot box. If there is a duplicate blog I apologize.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham would be an obvious start. These two guys don't have a soul. They go as the political wind blows and their ass is up to the highest bidder wherever the money comes from. Vote for anyone more conservative that runs against them. They just need to be gone.  Next. 

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  • People keep your eyes on the prize....liberty. Just when it seems that the night is darkest, that all is lost, that's when you are winning. God bless the Republic called the United States of America and the founders that had the balls to risk everything. God grant me the courage to live to live as they lived.

  • Look I am a constitutionalist. If it doesn't adhere to what the founders wanted then it is wrong. When I hear Obama tell the people that we are a democracy I want to throw up. WE THE PEOPLE are a CONSTITUTIONALIST REPUBLIC!!!! His Marxist ass can go to the Democratic Republic of North Korea and see how he likes it there.

  • Right on!!!! Progressive in our time, is another name for far left leaning! Of course what one does in office or before they run is what is important. We may even have a Moderate Democrat somewhere, but we know the chance of that!

  • And here is another list  of those Republican senators who tried to deceive us.


  • Here's a good start. A list of those who voted with Democrats for the budget deal that included funding for Obamacare and went against the TEA Party and Conservative Republicans who tried to defund Obamacare.   http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/10/17/vote-breakdown-senators-...

  • Jeff Flake of Arizona

  • Mitch McConnell would be another one. He has a tea party person running against him. I don't know his name at this setting but please back him.

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