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To be honest if Ronald Reagan were alive today he would smile and turn toward Jesse Jackson and say.”There he goes again.”  That is about the level of seriousness that the nation should consider in taking any utterance that comes out of the civil rights leader who is on the backend of his race-baiting crusading career. This time Jackson has directed his aim at Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, in order to regain another 15 minutes of national shamelessness.


Rev. Jackson is demanding that A&E network executives meet with him because he and his less than significant Rainbow PUSH Coalition organization as well as the LGBT organization GLAAD still want to get 40 more pounds of flesh out of the Duck Commander, according to Fox News.


It seems that the fact that Phil Robertson has been suspended for the time being by A&E is not enough for the perturbed Jackson.  So in order to find a way to pound in another liberal mainstream nail into Duck Dynasty’s leader he has resurrected the name and imagery of legitimate Civil Right Icon Rosa Parks.

Jackson who has mastered the art of stage subterfuge claimed that what Phil Robertson said in his GQ interview amounted to being “more offensive than the bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 59 years ago,according to the Daily Mail


Never for a loss for drama and turn of phrases Jackson went on to claim further in his statement, that the 67-year-old Duck Dynasty star’s state Robertson’s statements were uttered, “freely and openly and without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was “white privilege,” claimed Jackson


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  • Sadly, racial harmony is actually the furthest thing from Jesse Jackson's priorities. I guess he feels if there is an abundance of genuine harmony, he'll have nothing to do. (whatever the hell that is)

    Hence, the reason for his constant outrageous divisive language. He really knows how to stir it up. I wish he would just leave us all alone. If you're listening Jesse, please go away. Thank you.

  • HE is going to try to pump money from them. The strategy is to if there is anything near useable, even remotely, trump it up, villify them on the media, especially msnbc. If I were the Robinsons I'd have the best Attorneys on this, and I'd have them do everything in their powers to make sure hijackson doesn't get one red cent!


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