JB Williams or the Elite Marxist

 Subj: JB Williams -- STATES: A Time for Choosing - A Time for Action

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People seeking the right peaceful solution to federal tyranny should contact their State Legislators and introduce the Balance of Powers Act in every state. States that fail to protect the people of their state will be directly responsible for the people taking matters into their own hands.

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Then look at this as the alternative.

This is what the Elite Marxist Democrat ruling Class want. The Elite Marxist Democrat President has been pushing this for some time with help from people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson that push for a rebellion and uprising of the Black Man regardless of the truth.




Who is the Elite Marxist Democrat Ruling Class President hurting the most of us with his redistribution policies versus a growing the economy policy?

He wants to shrink the pie into smaller pieces and redistribute it so no one gets anything, a change from the past where we grew the economy/size of the pie so everyone go more as the economy grew. We are in a position now more than ever to grow the economy.

The economy has been stagnant since the Elite Democrat Ruling Class took over the House in 2006.

He also is bringing in thousands of Muslims from the war ridden countries and illegal immigrants into the country causing the poor, Blacks and Hispanics to lose their jobs. The Policies of the Elite Marxist Democrat Ruling Class is hurting the Poor, the Blacks and the Hispanics the most. They are either eliminating their jobs or giving them to others while at the same time driving up the cost of Gas, food, home heating, taxes and many other living costs.

The Elite Marxist Democrat Ruling Class President then blames the White Republican's for their situation as an attempt to create discontent and start a rebellion which will result in a revolution he hopes to use to move to a Chavez style Government.



At least JB Williams (link above) points to a possible peaceful solution.


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