ATTENTION: You must not show up at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28 2010. This is a set up to pit Whites and Blacks against one another, do not fall for it. instead meet at the federal reserve or 200 Penn Ave. Leave the Memorial to those who wish to honor the man with the dream.
ATTENTION: Tea-Partiers, you must not show up for the rally at the Lincoln memorial on aug. 28th 2010. This is a set up to pit Blacks against Whites. Let it go, there are more appropriate venues for us to assemble. 200 Penn. AVE. for example, or outside the Federal Reserve. Leave the Lincoln Memorial to those who wish to honor Martin Luther King and the dream he spoke of. We are all Americans and color should not be the issue. The criminal conduct of those men and woman who are leading this nation into poverty and socialistic slavery is. We need to narrow it down and see things as they really are, we are all in this together. Please...REMEMBER THAT!
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