Good day Patiots, Here's what I'm am thinking, Syria is a problem that we should stay out of, but our president says we have to help. Here's the rub, Obamacare is coming quick and Obama thinks he can tie congress up with Syria until Oct. 1 and the chance to kill Obamacare goes out the window. Not forgetting Obama has not found a way to help hisMuslim Brotherhood buddies win in Syria. There were some very small articles leaning toward the Syrian rebels orFree Syrian Army or whatever name they call themselves today had mishandled the WMD's and let the gas loose.If the Free Army unleashed the gas Obama cannot attack Assad and help the MB. What's a stupid ass to do?Tie congress up until Oct 1, get Obamacare thru then just forget about Syria since Assad may not have caused the gas attacks.How can WE THE PEOPLE let Syria and the rest of our middle eastern "friends" know it is Obama stirring the stink up.
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