Friends, Recently our group has been attacked by the leftist media when pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache or as a witch doctor has been portrayed as racist, but when radical leftists painted Bush as a Fascist or as being unintelligent, it is prasied. it shows the blatant hypocrisy that exists in the media today. Look at the recent "protests" on Wall St., when hundreds of radicals, wannabe revolutionaires, wannabe Hippies, & others, caused a massive disruption over the Brooklyn Bridge, the liberal media covered it as being "democracy in action", but when our people ulitize our right to dissent, we`re labelled a "mob".Of course, Hollywood aere the biggest hypocrites & phonies. They shun anyone who thinks differently than they do, yet they continue to lament over what Sen. J.R. McCarthy allgedly did to the careers of the fathers & grandfathers.People need to wake up & smell the hypocrisy.
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  • It really does stink and is getting more odoriferous (is that a word?) everyday. Well put Sam.
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