God is Disgusted Help Yourselves

GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. God, not the Christian Churches who are busy signing Sharia statements of surrender to Islam, gives us strength. The Christian Churches have been infiltrated and subverted into evil by the communists, just like they have the entire nation. All of this has happened WITHOUT A FIGHT. All we hear is the stupid bleating of ignorant, weak willed, confused and narcotic-crazed masses.The coming apocalypse will cure  those millions of mentally confused masses of their narcotics supplies. Maybe a few normal people will be left. I already know where to find hundreds of normal people who have proven immune to the USSE virus.

There is much hatred and fear in this balkanized state. It is more like the Austro-Hungarian Empire than a nation and like that empire, it will disappear. The communists have turned this God-forsaken place into a Union of Soviet Socialist Enemies. THE USSE. It is a place filled with communists, foreigners, and minority races all hoping to leach off the white majority for the rest of their lives. That golden calf  of white wage slaves will be melted down thermobarically. There is much irreparable hatred here. Unity has been destroyed forever unity which  cannot be maintained in a dictatorship where the majority must simultaneously finance and grovel before minority tyranny. You who support blacks for president want to send a message to the world that you are STILL the wage slaves of minority tyranny. A black president symbolizes your rotten depravity. We, the sane white majority will not allow that! Soon we will begin Civil War II which will last many years as we fight to re-establish a nation. Because a wicked, hate-filled, cowardly and evil segment of the  majority population surrendered to minority tyranny without a fight, only a protracted war will buy back freedom for the working, tax paying, war fighting and law abiding white majority that refuses to behave  itself to death!. New life will be breathed into the people who have an ideology. This new nation will not be anything like the current USSE we live in now. The white majority will have its own nation. It will be a place of freedom where we will not feed, house, take care, grovel before or accept the dictatorship of, minority parasites, We will have our homeland if we have to wade through buckets of blood for a hundred years.

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