Go Viral for the Resurrection!

God has brought a MAJOR event forward right before Easter.  Evolution is the root of abortion and the impetus of the sodomite agenda.   Too many Christians do not realize this.  Atheists do! Now God has called one of his servants to confront Christian compromisers by issuing a challenge that has rocked caught the attention of USAToday, WorldNetDaily,  The Blaze, Washington Times, Huffington Post, and many other media outlets as well as Atheist blogs throughout the Internet.  Now it is time to go viral with the news in the Christian community!

Please pass the word via your social media, emails, phone calls, and other communications such as local news releases, calls to talk shows, letters-to-the-editor, etc.

Here is the original article:

Creationist stakes $10,000 on contest between Bible and evolution

Thank you!

Please pray for Dr. Mastropaolo.

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