FCC of BUST!!!!

February 2009 was the deadline for the FCC and the Communications Companys of America to mandate HDTV for all users of Television Nation wide.

The Prowess and excuse given for reasoning was that the US Armed Services needed these airways of UHF / VHF as needful emergency and National Security stations in all event concerning America and the United States as a whole.

Now, for them (FCC) to ascert extreme predjudice against its own people twice in less than 3 years upon the communications of the American Rights of Passage and Privilege to curtail and eventually stop any and all communications from our venues of speaking to one another, all because they are all butt hurt over the idiom of the US Postal Service being dropped from their alleged Retirement funds is against our Constitutional Rights and Privileges as per the Preamble statements and promises.

It violates our rights to Free Speech. Violates and dogs our rights as a Free Society to communicate our thoughts and feelings, suspicions and horrors of and over what our country and its leaders are saying, doing, and effectually performing against our American Right, et al.

It is more than just a matter of FCC -vs- America, its more than a simple slap on the wrist of those empowered to run and control the entity known as the WorldWideWeb and all Internet Providers (ISP's), no dear friends, this is an ALL OUT FRONTAL ASSAULT against ALL our Freedoms. They get this passed and made Law, and we kiss our,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good bye!

Always in Christ, Always American

Max Simon Uhrig 3

San Tan Valley, AZ
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