Enough Already - We Must Stop This Insanity NOW!

We Cannot Wait Until November 2012!

Add the two most un-American special interest minority rulers this Nation has seen in its 236 year history “Obama and Holder”, and the stunning disclosures in the book of “Screwed” (by Dick Morris), and you have Obama orchestrating the wholesale dismantling and the willful destruction of our Nation!

Obama is not just making mistakes, and this is not just the American political process going through some painful re-adjustments. We are in a crisis of unprecedented proportions and it is IMPERATIVE that Congress got out of its slumber!  

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists, much less reward them (the release of GITMO Prisoners, while giving Radical Muslim Terrorists $1.5 Billion of our hard earned money “American Taxpayer Funds). You and I would be in jail for contributing to terrorist nations!

Add these most treasonous acts, Obama’s negotiations with Terrorists, the massive and wanton stealth transfer of terrorists into our borders, to the wholesale theft of our intellectual properties (NASA just to name one, the loss of tens of thousands of our brightest aeronautical engineers, and it will cost us tenfold the savings just to restart this program), the massive theft of our natural resources (wholesale giveaway of American assets, our assets, to a foreign power, the UN), and the willful destruction of our economic base (capitalism), and you have the picture of a man who has but one goal in mind - the overthrow of America!  

WE MUST FORCE CONGRESS TO ACT NOW, for if “We the People” fail to stop Obama before November we will end up winning the presidential election without a Country to govern!

Call, write, and Fax your Congressmen, and members of the house, and demand that they stop Obama from giving away our constitutional rights, our freedom, our National Assets, our Nation (and if you are confused about what is at stake then please read the latest book "SCREWED", by Dick Morris).

Obama and his henchmen are the Enemy!

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