DIVIDING A NATION - The Republican Roll Out as Birther Barrage goes Main-Stream

DIVIDING A NATION - The Republican Roll Out as Birther Barrage goes Main-Stream

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Defending what Obama is doing by not holding a hearing on Obama's national security breach, or the standard of the natural born citizen qualification in the Constitution for the Office of the President, is essentially exactly whatRepublicans need to keep doing in order to lose. Rand Paul declared the Republican party may not win the Presidency again in his lifetime.

I said one time that the Republican party was going into extinction, not because that is what I hoped for or anything, but because of the abandonment of the principles of the Constitution I saw happening in the Republican party by a lack of defense for it. Jan 26th, 2012 I wrote with this commercial:
[“It is time to jump into the life boats, and begin representing a clear and Constitutional choice in my candidacy, which is clearly a clean message compared to the mainstream Republican Candidates who we see are very willing to sweep the dirt under the carpet, as well as our Constitution, and that’s not the President’s job or oath!”]

Glenn Beck today related he had spoke to a big GOP elected leader who was concerned about the #defundtheGOP verbrato over the air the last four months. What Glenn said made a lot of sense today here.
see post at codyjudy.blogspot.com for video

So many Republican leaders looked at me and scoffed, "How could the qualification of Obama for the Office of the President held in the demands of the Constitution even compare to the importance of "health-care", or "Our National Debt", or "The Arab Springs"?

Tyrannical dictatorial power is unleashed in ways Rush Limbaugh says today he has never seen with Obama stepping and hopping to the tunes of the 2014 and 2016 election in regards to what parts of the law are enforceableand what parts he decides not to enforce. The impeding play is certainly wrecking Republican strategy to let the law play out and let people see what a disaster Obamacare is.

How can people see what a disaster it is unless its allowed to hit them behind the barn?

What could leaving the Constitution behind bring financially? What is the Birther's Barrage?
Birther's Barrage

Essentially the BIRTHER BARRAGE is indeed more and more people going Birther as the Constitution is going 'main-stream' instead of becoming a dead-stream as so many in Washington perceive it to be going.

Is it safe to say now that if Obamacare had indeed been allowed to unfold as it was intended, without all these exclusions, that the United States would be in open revolt right now against Obama and all Washington Insiders?

You better believe if the people with money were made to tow the line of Obamacare in the big corporations, small businesses, and even federal agencies now, without the decrees of exemptions handed down from Obama by personal executive order, that they would be demanding their elected leaders in the House and Senate begin disability impeachment proceedings immediately.

This was the Republican strategy on Obamacare, let it play out and be seen as the disaster it is! However, its backfired on them once again, just as they hoped Obama would look like the paria, he reverses that upon them by executive order which has totally infuriated Sen. Mike Lee admitting on Fox News Sunday, there's no standing on Obamacare's harm, or time to find someone, calling it a 'shameless power grab' and ruling by his own pen. 

Obama then is seen as the savior by these people for not holding them accountable to Obamacare the way he has all the low people on the totem pole known as main-stream Americans. BUT, Senator Lee has also been unwilling to make the case on Obama's eligibility as a way to stop him which indeed it does, and you have to ask yourself why?

Indeed, Obama's savior'esk trend continues extending to all those employees of Federal Contracts a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour. Of course, main street businesses would either have to raise their prices by a percentage equal or lay off workers in order to clear the same profit margin if they were forced to pay that minimum wage.

How would anyone like paying an additional 30% on milk, peanut butter, soy, wheat, barley, corn, and meat?


Of course Obama's decree is intentionally ordered to divide, something that does seem to come quite naturally to him. How do all the employees making minimum wage feel about working that don't get paid $10.10? 

What if about election time 2014 he promises them also a decree of raising their wage if they will vote Democratic Party ticket?

That's one thing that Obama's discrimination provides. If Obama doesn't equally give to everyone equally he creates out of thin air a favorite child who was seen as deserving while the other child was seen as mean, undeserving, and rebellious.

While it would seem common sense to see this as unequal and discrimination, someone gets the reward someone doesn't, the Republican Party is not willing to exploit it as such, mostly because they fear it being turned on them.

The same mentality exist when it comes to the excuses used by elected leaders not to hold a disability impeachment hearing in The House of Representatives on Obama simply because the U.S. Senate is controlled by Democrats and the point seems 'moot', but lets take a closer look at how that might play out.


Assuming the U.S. Senate just because its controlled by the Democratic party would never remove Obama under a Disability Impeachment process or trial certainly demands the thought process that EVERY single Democratic Party U.S. Senator is 
1) Condoning the use of fabricated long form birth certificates
2) Condoning the use and fabrication or theft of social security numbers
3) Condoning the manipulation of past records of identity like draft registration and college records

Are ALL the Democratic Party leaders really advocating directly and recommending these things? Has the integrity of ALL those elected leaders bottomed out into the abyss of the mob?

Well, if the Republican Majority had a hearing on all of these factors publically, wouldn't that be seen as a light upon the darkness of all those elected leaders indeed right in time for the 2014 elections?

So what's the down side for Republicans holding a hearing on it? Oh, maybe you think boldly standing in front of Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and Diane Sawyer and asking them if they indeed recommend, condone, and represent this deceitful learning tactic for all of our children is a really bad idea because it just wouldn't fly? Come on!

Believe it, one of the very reasons threats of a collective variety have been issued to all media persons is precisely because of FEAR. Fear based on the reality that if someone is recommending fraud, deceit, forgery, intentionally to harm, most generally the American People are opposed to that.

Its not a hard story to sell to the generally good natured people of the United States of America who in general understand the reasons for our criminal code. Sen. Cruz stated in his objection argument in the debt ceiling debate he filibustered which was catalyst for 11 Republicans to turn into Democrats arms, "that the rules are the rules, the laws are the laws, and we need to follow them and not break them for political expediency.”

One wonders if Sen. Ted Cruz really understands Obama's not a natural born citizen according to the constitution, or if he is secretly hoping that no one is watching him under a microscope as he has passed on vocalizing Obama's real achilles heal he may share in his eligibility or qualification for the Office of the President? Sen. Cruz is set to visit Iowa and N.H. in March and April to a hero's welcome, according to The Hill for his stand in the debt ceiling debate?

Indeed as we speak, News Max is taking an urgent poll to see if you support Sen. Ted Cruz for President.

This shows more fodder for the excuse of 'racism' being used by Republicans and Ann Coulter when she said referring to Obama as "the first black president", if he hadn't have been he would have been impeached by now".

Rush Limbaugh says the leaders are just petrified of being accused of 'racism'. The reason I think that this is now the Republicans lame excuse is because when it comes to equality under the law, they are showing an unwillingness to put Obama under the law for the same reason they don't want Sen. Ted Cruz scoured for his dual citizenship with Canada, as the Huffington Post reports, Cruz denies as McCain did in non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 the step is a concerted effort to go around the law.

This 'racist tactic' they lay on Obama is I believe turning into a very calculated strategy to avoid the justice of the Constitution themselves, in perhaps the Presidential run of another unqualified candidate as McCain was in 2008.

Which party has more people with sites on the 2016 White House who are unqualified Republicans or Democrats? I can name 4 or 5 Republicans who have their sites on the White House who are not natural born citizens who would just be wiped out of that prospect if justice is leveled on Obama.

Besides that, I'm not sure there is not a single member of the House of Representatives that doesn't know that I sued McCain in 2008 and Obama for the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution standing up for the principle of the qualification demands of the Constitution, and continued in the standing in 2012 and 2013 in the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276., and still maintain that standing in a 2016 run.

Indeed, Democratic Party tactics would not stay dormant for Obama's qualifications long if Senator Ted Cruz became the nominee for the Republican Party and they would essentially be forced to say, "Well, the Birthers were right, Obama wasn't qualified but he made it, but that was then and this is now and we have to stand for the Constitution, and Sen. Ted Cruz can't be President". Can't you see that coming from the Huffington Post, the WSJ, and The Washington Post?

The fact that I stood up for the principle regardless of party or race for that matter completely shows that the Republican argument of race is indeed a ruse, excuse, or a 'reverse racist tactic'. The need to quiver in fear of being a racist is indeed made 'moot' with a Presidential Candidate with standing and a legal record documenting the stand to hand the media in a frying pan like a nice T-Bone steak.

I think the Republican fabrication or pretense objection on raising the debt ceiling without any concessions on Obamacare or any remotely substantial give-and-take is also a witness to what I'm advocating. They pretty much went willy-nilly along with Obama and the Democrats and we all have seen and witnessed it.


The only remaining conclusion is that the Republicans are also in so deep they can't compete and what I said as far as the Republican Party going into extinction and never winning again is the reality most conservatives are going to have to come to grips with.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, as well as Sean Hannity are indeed recognizing the writing on the wall. If our society has indeed slipped into the abyss of the deep, like Robert Redford's outstanding film without dialogue is named, " All Is Lost", perhaps it really is for the Republican Party?
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