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  • this is a must see youtube video on UN Agenda 21!

  • I agree with everyone who said To Correct The Problem is To Correct The System, and that process begins with a mandatory return to The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation and The Original Constitution with The Bill of Rights as the few and only absolute laws for ALL gov't and guidelines (for citizenship) BY We The People of this land!

  • redley62, it was CONGRESS who passed the welfare laws and that included BOTH Democrats AND Republicans. In addition, almost ALL government programs are funded by taxpayer dollars.

    It's just that Mr. (intentional) Obama and the socialist Democrat Party have become masters at it. But then what should we expect of the old style Mayor Daley Chicago Mob Democrat Party Political Machine? It's all going according to the Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven plans.
  • How about we create a law that makes it illegal for a U.S.
    President to exploit or bribe a person on welfare, using tax
    payers money in the of obtaining that persons vote?

    This is exactly what President Obama did!
  • As I read these post in this forum I can only think, that many of
    the problems Americans have, both financial and moral exist
    because a long time ago the people of God walked away from
    their Heavenly Father, set in their minds to enjoy the idols in this
    world thus moving further and further into living their lives as to
    what they thought best for themselves. How is that working for
    us now?
  •  Ah the golden apple of Eris dropped into your midst to get you all stirred up and running around yelling at each other and fighting over an idea whose implementation would be utterly impossible. Tilt at that windmill tea party, gallop at full trot!!! Go Don Quixote go! Do you hear the left laughing at you? I do. You are as functional and effective as a one legged man in an A$$ kicking contest.


    You have lost the country due to lack of effective economic education, you abandoned the field after the Berlin wall came down and the Soviet Union imploded. You gave the left time to regroup, rewrite history and to then educate the young into socialism all the more. The xian right pushes the “bible alone” even as the philosophical source for our Founders, ignoring all classical liberal influences! Worthless conservatives, your ignorance and apathy has doomed America to extinction and now you still run around in circles with your heads cut off. And other people here didn’t see the relevancy of my posting Heyek’s essay, “Why I Am NOT a Conservative or Ayn Rand’s “Conservatism an Obituary.  


    Classical Liberalism could save you, but then again 99.999% of you don’t even know what that is. The left fights against it vehemently today and tries to ignorantly link CL with fascism as they instinctively know and understand who their real enemy is, it is the group with the strongest organizing philosophy and weltanschauung (world view). conservatism has neither, it is a reaction not a movement. 

  • Again i will say it attack the problem Doc and not the symptoms. The problem is a government that thinks it can tax us to death while they live high on the proverbial hog. Most of these taxes are not legal in reference to the acceptable ways that the Constitution lays out, but that has not stopped our government for deploying these taxes or collecting them. Now as opposed to before, wage taxes are taken before you even see them by your employers. Taxes on wages are illegal. Taxes were only supposed to be collected on income from businesses or investments, real estate, etc. But now every thing has a tax and if it doesn't yet it will soon. You pay tax when you wipe your but! Sales tax and the tax you paid when you earned that dollar you used to but the TP. That my friends is tax on tax which is also illegal. But do you complain about that ????? The whole taxation system is a scam and a fraud on the American people. Why raise cane over one issue when the whole thing sucks!!! Look at the big picture!

  • The real offense and what every body seems to forget is that we had a revolution because King George raised taxes on tea. Well, the IRS, is a scam the tax code is a tax code because it isn't legal and never was! We complain about all the taxes but nobody demands change the laws that are not even laws, a whole lot of innocent people have done some serious jail time and lost every thing they worked for because of laws that are not even legal. Our government believes they have the right to our money because we work for them. We are their subjects to do with as they see fit! They have become the new royalty,plain and simple and we have stood by and let it happen. We need to start screaming and demand change not request change, demand it. They work for us!!!! Screw the IRS abolish it and save 18 Billion a year let some of the government workers feel what the recession is like. Everyone needs to tighten their belts, yeah right, lets start in Washington and see how that goes?

  • And what is it, Bill, that you find so repulsive specifically in what I said or suggested?

    And, redley, I also do not get a write-off on my income taxes and you know why? Because I no longer have a mortgage, an interest category  allowed under deductions. Guess what? I pay income taxes without most of the deductions allowed to those who borrow and pay interest on their loans.

    People who rent do not take the risk of fire, floods, vandalism, etc. and can walk away from the subsequent mess while the owner is left to deal with it. The one taking the risk should be the only one to get benefit and if a loss without insurance then he or she alone forced to suffer the consequences.

  • @Mona
    What you say is really not true. I have owned
    several house over the past 40 years and have
    gotten fairly decent write offs each year, but
    this year I have been renting a house.

    I won't have the write off this year and will
    pay substantially more taxes this year than
    last because I don't have the write offs.
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