Political Profiling of a “Constitutionalist” Turns Simple Domestic Call Into Full on SWAT Raid

JG Vibes
Oct 11, 2012

A farming family in Letha, Idaho recently had their house raided and were assaulted after a neighbor called the police when overhearing a verbal argument between the husband and wife who owned the house.


In any other situation they would have had a simple knock on their door and the police would check in to make sure that no one was being hurt.

However, Marcella Cruz and Michael Gibbons were flagged in the police department’s database as dangerous individuals because one or both of them identified as “constitutionalists”.

Due to this identification their simple domestic disturbance call was met with a full on swat raid, with the officers scouring the house for evidence of Marijuana.

The officers ripped Marcella Cruz out of the house, and had both her and Michael on the ground in handcuffs, with guns against their heads.

The police found an aquaponics system that was growing tomatoes in an upstairs room of the house and celebrated, thinking that they had found a Marijuana grow operation.

Much to their disappointment they were informed that it was obviously tomatoes, since after all, this was a farm house.

In a recording that surfaced after the raid it is explicitly stated that this couple is being targeted because of their political beliefs.  The recording shows the following exchange:

“Are you familiar with these guys?” asked a deputy identified in the 911 recordings as “Officer 57.”

“Negative,” answered another deputy designated “Officer 56.”

“I am, and it’s affirmative, there is [sic] weapons,” continued Officer 57. “He is – or at least was – anti-law enforcement. We’ve had issues with him. He’s a Constitutionalist.”

It seems that the only “issues” that they had with him were the ones that were mentioned, his political beliefs, because otherwise Gibbons has a totally clean record.

According to a recent article about the altercation, the only run in that Gibbons has had with police in this area, is when he was the victim of a theft and they refused to help him.

The article states that:

More than a year ago, Marcella contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that a man calling himself “Greg Hall,” who had lived with them for an extended period, had stolen money and jewelry from them.

Marcella provided me with copies of e-mail messages in which she and Detective Perecz had discussed the theft – including the suspect’s specific location, which at the time was just across the Snake River in Ontario, Oregon.

“He told me that he couldn’t help us, because the suspect had fled the jurisdiction,” Marcella related to me. “But it’s not as if he couldn’t pick up a telephone and inform the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office, or the Ontario Police.

The bogus `domestic violence’ report that led to the raid on our home was originally received by Payette County and relayed to Gem County. It’s not as if these people can’t talk to each other.”

The Families account of the story is confirmed by what looks to be police video, in the video police dont identify themselves before entering the house, and you can see them rush the house like thugs, ripping Marcella Cruz out by her arm and throwing her to the ground.

The brutal treatment she was given by police left her sore and bruised for weeks, which is sadly ironic considering they were called to the house over a bogus domestic disturbance call that was made by a feuding neighbor.

This is just the most recent situation in a string of cases where people have been targeted with extreme force because their political beliefs were flagged in a state database.

The officer who assaulted Marcella Cruz has been identified as Detective Rich Perecz and so far has suffered no consequences for his actions.

If you have any questions or disagreements feel free to email me at jgvibes@aotmr.com

J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio.  He is also an artist with an established record label and event promotion company that hosts politically charged electronic dance music events. You can keep up with his work, which includes free podcasts, free e-books & free audiobooks at his website www.aotmr.com .

This article was posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 4:55 am

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  • when did you ever think, that to believe in the constitution would be classified by the government as radical....in other words, to be an independent thinking american, who believes in god and the country, and its principals...should be be allowed....who in the hell is running the government...iran?

  • I've recently been receiving calls from organizations that identify themselves as the State Troopers Organization and the Fraternal Order of Police, asking for donations.  They usually try to elicit sympathy for the sacrifices made by our police.

    I calmly and clearly explain to them that I was raised in a police household, my father retired from a Federal Police force.  I retired from the U.S. Air Force and understand fully what sacrifice means on a personal and family basis.  

    Then I inform them that I am monitoring the responses of our local police departments, Sheriff's departments, and State Troopers to see how they respond to sites such as Oathkeepers and other Sheriff's like Sheriffs Mack and Arpaio.  I also let them know that my own Sheriff, Sheriff Mike Scott of Lee County, Florida has signed the letter stating he will refuse unconstitutional orders that violate our 2nd Amendment rights.  I tell them that I will gladly donate to my Lee County Sheriff's Department because they support me and until I see all of the others do the same, they'll never receive a penny.

    Since most of the large Police Departments are beholden to their own union bosses, I don't expect to see much out of them, but we can continue to vote with our dollars.

    FYI, those little decals on your rear window will not prevent you from getting a ticket.

  • I agree with Rock Thomson's most recent post.  Some of us have requested our county sheriffs to put forth in writing or make it known over TV and radio that they will intervene as the top law enforcement unit in the county and protect citizens from any other agency, federal or state.  i.e. everything relative to law enforcement must go through him/her.  That means no one has the right to knock on or break down your door at anytime without his approval and presence.


    A sample letter: Dear Sheriff,

    Many elected sheriffs across the U.S. are reacting to the
    President Obama's executive orders and proposed laws in Congress to invoke
    various new gun control schemes by declaring publicly that they and their
    officers will not enforce any new executive orders or federal laws that violate
    the restraints imposed on government by the Second Amendment to the U.S.
    Constitution.  In addition to the many individual sheriffs taking this position,
    the Utah Sheriffs Association has recently declared such a position.

    a list of sheriffs and letters issued by individual sheriffs at:

    Sheriffs Association report is at:

    ask you to stand with us and these many other sheriffs, first by making such a
    declaration yourself to the people of your county, and second by releasing that
    declaration into the public domain (send us a copy of your letter to your county

    Some sheriffs go even further and declare that they will not
    permit federal officers to enforce any new federal gun control against citizens
    in their counties.  If you wish to go that extra mile, more power to

    However, we ask only for your declaration that you and your officers
    won't be enforcing any new federal gun control in your county.  We believe the
    law-abiding, registered voters of your county will appreciate that
    clearly-stated position.

    In case you are not familiar with it, the
    central holding by the U.S. Supreme Court in its Printz v. US decision
    was that Congress may not compel sheriffs to enforce federal laws.

  • well i guess a shitload of us are guilty of being a constitutionalist...i keep my copy near me all the time for reference........i am also a tea party member, an oathkeeper, a gun owner, member of the nra, and believe in god and the flag of the united states....throw in that i am a veteran, and that i never voted for obama, or believe that he is a u.s. citizen....and i guess that i am royally screwed. this is how the war starts, and things like this will get worse...because the illegal government is dictating what they consider as radical and unlawfull...or anybody against obama. hopefully these police and other law enforcement people will start realizing what they are involved in, and maybe they will start to see the light. dont be too surprised, one day of hearing a family being taken out by a drone strike, in the united states....i am sure that in the works, now as we speak.

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  • Time for " we the people" to defund the government.

  • I am a constitutionalist and proud of it, do not back down. We just need to find attorneys that will help our cause
  • I agree, the media has distorted the true meaning of a real America. Now ,people who don't know the constitution , such as the police and many other law enforcement . But America will survive!!!!
  •     Some real Patriotic lawyers ( if there is such a thing , should be able to take the b--t--ds to court and make the Cruze's very wealthy conservative Americans , pro bono .   In their efforts to be " special forces teams " they now participate in " Harrase and Intimidate  ", with To protect and serve " simply a long standing joke .  They are also extremely stupid or they would know that " constitutionalists " are the REAL good American patriots in this country . Certainly not those pushing the communist manifesto like Washington DC and the Obamass administration .

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