Constipated - Here's a CURE

Constipated?.... Here’s a cure.

Recently I stumbled upon THE scariest blog of the decade.

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And I posted this reply

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Reading both might take a few seconds, but WORTH IT!

WHY all this armor for DHS?

Do we have enough “dedicated- to- America” Military to prevent an Obama holocaust?

Do we?




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  • I would not say paranoid but be very aware of this situation and   how it unfolds Keep your eyes and ears wide OPEN.When it starts they will try to cover it up quickly with liberal meda.

  • Maybe. Now. But Obama's working hard to change that. I remember when General Stan McCrystal was forced to resign. It looked like a quiet, behind the scenes version of Stalin's military purge to me. But I told myself that I was being paranoid. Maybe we all need to become more paranoid.

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