In spite of the ease with which the word “conservatism” is thrown about these days, most people who associate with the “conservative” movement are not really conservative at all. In reality, the so-called “conservative” movement is a predominantly (though not exclusively) neoconservative movement.

Contrary to what some neoconservatives would have us think, “neoconservatism” is not an insult, much less an “anti-Semitic” slur. The word, rather, refers to a distinct intellectual tradition—a point for which some neoconservatives, like its famed “godfather,” Irving Kristol, have argued at length.

Interesting thoughts regarding where the line is drawn on more.....

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  • I'm with ya...

    I thought that this article did a good job of pointing out how the real difference between neo and conservative is the degree to which you support larger and larger government.

  • Regarding conservative politics:  The Republicans will be able to regain the White House and the Senate if they stop listening to those who say that a conservative cannot win.  That is exactly why they are losing because ONLY A TRUE CONSERVATIVE CAN WIN.  A make believe conservative will only result in the Republicans having no creditability.  Better to vote for a real believing liberal than a make believe conservative who come across at election time as a phony.  The Republicans need to stop listening to the closet liberals who are steering the party into hell.

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