Concerns with the Republican leadership

With the fall elections on the horizon I would like to share my concern regarding the strength of the Republican leadership. It looks like things are shaping up to place a large number of conservatives in the house and a few more in the Senate. As in the past these newcomers get swept up in the "establishment" or recently described as the "ruling class". In order for our country to be saved this cannot be allowed to happen. The newly elected conservatives must take no prisoners and take charge. Pressure needs to be brought on the Republican leadership, including senators and representatives. These weak-kneed people depend on Rush, Sean and Mark Levin to do there work for them. They, themselves, should be holding press conferences and screaming at microphones but, as part of the ruling class they don't. Why can't the Tea Party develop a 5 star rating system for the current incumbents as well as candidates? This rating could follow these individuals where ever they go by posting next to their face in print, on line and on TV. Comming up with the litmus test on issues is easy and those in office all ready have voting records to rate them. Those running for office would be subject to where they stand on the defined issues like the incumbents and thus rate them.

It is time to drive fear in the hearts of such leaders as McCain, Bohner, McConnel, Gram, Romney, Snow and the list goes on and on. If the new conservatives are not allowed to be in a position to reverse what has been passed, like health care it's over. I wish Rush, Sean, etc. would bring more pressure on "the leadership" by asking "you finally have a chance of to give voters a reason to vote for conservatives why aren't you doing your part?" and pound it in day after day.

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  • My purpose is not to tell anyone how to vote but rather come up with a way of putting pressure on RINO types and there should be some sort of rating system based on a candidates stance on basic issues such as spending, repeal of health care, stop cap and trade, and enforcement of immigration laws.
  • Albert, yes I have and it is great but I would like to see it go a little further with a easy to understand rating system. Of course this means a concensus on some basic issues and that can be a challenge.
  • Bruce,
    Have you clicked on the Tea Party Voters Guide button ?
  • Bruce,
    I think Dick Morris's people are working on this, by zipe code, with e-mail reports to each zipe code in the US. If you are a member.
  • I totally agree with you bruce we the people cannot allow ourselves to go back to sleep. we must stay on top of the washington game and continue to hold their feet to the fire. the next congress needs to spend its entire first term not passing new laws but getting rid of every law that challenges our constitution that has been put on the books since reagan left office.
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