Complete Nonsense And Suicide

Complete Nonsense And Suicide
Any talk about using physical force against the communist criminal thugs within our political system is complete nonsense and suicide. No doubt, Obama is purposely pushing patriotic Americans to a street fight, so you would be playing right into his hands and you will die or be imprisoned. We will loose America for sure. Pick up a gun and you’ll be labeled as a enemy combatant and visited by a Hell-Fire missile sent from above. Your anger toward these communist criminal thugs is righteous, yet misplaced. This cancer that has invaded our government has to be cut out with surgical precision by removing the communists one politician at a time in the voting booth beginning in your local community with the Dog Catcher, if need be. Just make sure the Dog Catcher is a God fearing, Constitution loving, patriot. This is where the real battle must begin. We cannot kill the entire host to get rid of the cancer and a street fight will obviously kill everything. You must take your anger and the fight to the voting booth.

You cannot let the traitorous liars within the media lie to you; that are voting process is so corrupted, it’s no use to vote, that was all by Obama’s design in order to make you feel like you have no choice but to pick up a gun and hit the streets. The only thing that will hit the streets will be your head after it’s blown off. Wise up and turn your anger toward the cure, we still have God and we still have the Constitution and we still have the ability to select our politicians who serve over us. Most of all, we must make this God’s fight. Realize that God dwells in you and we are all brethren, that was Jesus’ real message. America belongs to God and unless he tells you directly to use firearms against Obama’s communist government, don’t do it.

I thought for sure Obama would not be reelected. The next day I felt sick to my stomach, like many of you must have felt. I asked God, what happened. It almost felt like my own Father betrayed me. I was upset and very angry because I worked hard against Obama’s communist regime. In prayer God spoke to me, yes God still speaks to people, he said; “You fought the battle politically. The battle needed to be first fought spiritually.” This is a spiritual battle between good and evil first and foremost, if God be for us no one can be against us. Seriously, you know there is not much time so you must quickly get right with God so that the cancerous political situation can be solved by God.

It’s sad, but never before in my life have I been involved in politics and I personally accept responsibility for the condition of the politicians I let get elected, that is what I have been awaken to. It was a punch to my stomach. It was my fault, no one else’s; all mine. I asked God to forgive me and help me, help get God-loving, honest, moral, constitutional loving politicians elected. Many of us did that in our little city of Costa Mesa, California and you can do it where you live. We now have those kind of people sitting on our city council and in other positions.

If the liberal communist democrat party is in control of your local government find out how they are corrupting and damaging everything they touch and begin shout it from the rooftops, with facts, not hearsay, through an honest media. We still have the ability to be heard via the Internet, just like I heard all the people writing in the comment areas how we need to shoot and kill these bastards. I have no doubt, they are bastards and traitors. These bastards use the word racist against us, lets start using the word traitors against them. In America you’re free to be a racist but you are not free to be a traitor. We have traitors within our government and we must weed them by calling a spade a spade. These traitors need to be put in jail. Some even need to be executed for their treasonous acts against the Constitution, but it must be done as the constitution prescribes.

Finally, as the last resort, if Obama’s communist regime succeeds in replacing our Constitution with a Russian Communist style constitution, of which, by the way, has already been written for the United States, then you can pick up a gun and kill as many communists as you can before you’re shot in the head, you will eventually be shot, because you’re who Obama’s regime are out to kill. The unarmed law-abiding, family-loving, sitting duck, coward in a corner, Christians will be the first to be killed.
How will know the difference between the communists, traitors and the patriots? Any person just following orders from Obama, they will be traitors and they will know it. They will know they have sold their souls for money and power. If it gets to this point freedom in America is doomed. Your children are doomed and they will be turned into traitors and communists. What on earth did you expect? The Department of Education has been brainwashing your children with communism for a long, long time right under your nose.

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