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  • Johnny, thanks for that video with Michael. I served 65-67 but 8 years ago I sang that song onstage in Asia at a church. The Philippines in Baguio. Great song and it reveals so much that God has done for our service personal. There was a story of the Allied troops being faced with many Germans and a call for prayer came out from leadership. Suddenly the enemy turned and ran away! Later the commander of the German troops said they saw a cloud that formed a man's face. It was the face of Christ! It was so revealing they dropped their weapons and ran!

  • Yes, Marty and we should remember that after John Wayne made the movie "The Green Beret" that Hollywood got busy supporting the Marxist viewpoints with (4) anti-American movies. One with Michael J. Fox! They lied and lied to support their Marxist treason! Now we should not be surprised that our far left media is nothing but a pawn supporting the Marxist takeover of America.

  • I agree with Marty below....this film says it all but our children and grandchildren are being taught and pushed and prodded by the left to hate this country and all the freedoms she stands for.....and our generation let the ball we must fix it.....we are the ones who still let traitors like Ayers run freely adn impact our children on college campuses..we are the ones who allowed our kids and thiers to be dumbed down so much they can name the Dancing with the Stars cast but not one Rep of their city or country.....and I guarentee you they know more about global "warming" and agenda 21 than they do our Constitution and why this country came to be.....this cannot go on!!!! And our military today are being trained in diversity and PC BS instead of our Constitution......this must stop!

  • Ps. Still willing and ready to uphold that oath against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!!! Tis better to have lived and died a free man then to exist under the heal of a tyrant.

  • Dear Terri. My humble and sincere thanks for posting this video. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of many of the things that are so good about this country that I/we love. I served in the Navy during the Viet Nam conflict. My dad was U S Army and served on Gaudalcanal and Tulagi in the Solomon Islands during WWII. A lot of good Marines served there as well. Something that I'm sure your husband is proud of. The "Corp" having a reputation and history 2nd to none. I have a very deep and abiding respect for both the "Greatest Generation" and for those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. Please give your husband my heartfelt thanks for serving and a hearty Semper Fi marine. Again my thanks to you. All the very best and God's blessings. Sincerely yours. Craig Williams  

  • The day I posted this video was the first time I had viewed it and I was quite blown away. That same night I shared it with my husband Michael who is a former Marine and he was speechless. When I asked him what was the matter, he had a difficult time answering me because he was so moved and I could see the tears in his eyes.

    My Dad Eugene was a Veteran of the Korean War in the Army and it wasn't until his death at the age of 71 that I found out that he was only 17 when he enlisted. His sister told me he lied about his age at the time which stunned me since I thought he looked so much older in the family photos with his uniform on. I will always be more than grateful to Michael, my Dad and everyone else who has fought and are still fighting for our freedoms.

    The response to this post has been gratifying and a bit surprising....I thought it might simply be lost in the midst of so many posts. Please send this to everyone you know and even those you don't. Our greatest battle still looms on the horizon---we need to prepare for the worst, hope for the best and pray like we've never prayed before. May Gods grace and mercy be with all the true Patriots of this still great (in our hearts) Country!

  • amen.

  • God Bless to all my Bro's no matter where you served and if you are still serving.  Most of us will do it again to save America.

    SSGT, '69 - '73, 321st Combat Support Group, 319th AMS Fire Control

  • We owe our lives to the Veterans and to our Military Men & Women!  My Dad fought in two Wars. This brings tears to my eyes. We all should all be grateful to be Americans. We the people need to fight and take back what is ours.

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