Attention Florida Voters

Since the birth of the Tea Party, we have had great success if replacing liberal, establishment Republicans with Tea Party conservatives.  When Mike Lee defeated "Bailout Bob" Bennett, we sent a shot across the bow of the RINO Republicans.  

This year Richard Mourdock defeated 36 year incumbent Dick Lugar and soon, in Texas, Ted Cruz can send more shockwaves through the establishment by beating insider David Dewhurst in the Republican primary.  But those aren't the only battles.

In Florida, redistricting placed two incumbents John Mica and Tea Party freshman Sandy Adams in the same district.  Mica is a career politician who has now been caught with his hands in cookie jar.

Since his election to Congress 20 years ago, Mica has become a world traveler -- on the taxpayer dime.  

Adams estimates that Mica's trips to countries like Malaysia, Italy and France have cost taxpayers in excess of $4 million.  Adams spokesman Lisa Boothe said, "John Mica’s decision to put his international travel bucket list ahead of Central Florida taxpayers is appalling.  While Mica has been attempting to pull the wool over voters’ eyes by denying his long history of runaway spending and record-setting earmarks, his 20 years in Congress tell a different story.  On top of adding $10 trillion to our nation’s debt and requesting $4 billion in earmarks, Mica has been earning frequent flyer miles on the backs of hard-working Americans.  At a time when Central Florida families and small businesses are struggling to pay their bills, how can Mica justify jet setting on their dime to some of the world's most popular international travel destinations?”

Conservatives and Tea Party activists in Florida's 7th district have an easy choice to make this August 14th in the GOP primary.  They can continue the Tea Party revolution by going with Sandy Adams or they can reward a RINO for his earmarks, K-Street connections and extensive taxpayer travel.  The choice is ours.  


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