Any and most of them

Most of them in office now should be replaced and especially the ones that , by their votes, think that the constitution is not worth the effort should be sent back to private lives. Boehner is representative of the lot. If they cannot or wont live by the oath of office which they took,,,,,then we need to elect someone who keep the promise....they work for us! and the oath of office is what they promised...


If they';ve been in office for more than two terms, they need to leave!



Harland M

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  • To "KEEP" an oath means to remember the oath when it comes to deciding whether or not a proposed law is consistant with the constitution.  Seems to me that like a marriage , and I failed in mine so I understand, an oath must be remembered above all else....LIke the thief on the cross beside the Lord, he said, " Remember me when you come into your kingdom".  The memory is where the conviction and the battle for freedom takes place.  Everyone elected to protect, and uphold the constitution is trusted. Right now 90% of them break that trust, forget for whom they work.... And need to remember the lives of the people who are affected by the laws past. OBama will face the consequences of what he is doing. If he thinks not..then he is a fool!

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