An open letterChairman, House Judicial CommitteeThe Honorable Bob GoodlatteCongressman Goodlatte,I will grant, I am not one of your constituents - yet you are the Chairman of the House Judicial Committee and to this position do I write.The other day I discovered Senate Resolution 511 dated April 10, 2008. The official document is here: appears (then) Senator's Clinton and Obama signed as submission a resolution to the Senate Judiciary Committee; the resolution Senator McCain was #1. Born on US Soil and #2. Born of two (2) parents who were US Citizens, resolving the controversy of his bid for the Presidency in the 2008 elections...I cannot find a similar resolution determining Barack Hussein Obama meets the same Constitutional requirement of "Natural Born Citizen" and I defer to Supreme Court case 88 U.S. 162, Minor v. Happersett, 1875; for Supreme Justice Waite's definition of the term - which landmark reference is not found in the White Paper the House Judicial Committee wrote on the topic...Sir, I charge you, as the Chairman of the House Judicial Committee, to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the rules of the House of Representatives, the Rule of Law and US Code and remove Barack Hussein Obama and this administration as quickly as possible.I need not cite all of the evidence from Congressional inquiries, Investigations and intelligence Congress has already gathered documenting the lawlessness of this entire administration - the simple fact Mr. Obama does not meet Constitutional eligibility requirements for the office of President is sufficient to remove him and this administration.Yes Sir, it is just as simple as that.I and millions of Americans - Democrats and Republicans - understand the implications of this - the requirement of overturning every law he has signed, the requirement of removing every person he has appointed - and we are good with that.As a Nation, we can work through that. I strongly suspect that you will discover millions of Americans who - like me - will willingly devote their time and skills to this effort at the direction of Congress - without pay.The House and Senate need to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law - else, what are we as a Nation? This goes far beyond party bounds - this is the freedom of the People of this Nation at stake, our National Security at stake.This is not something that can be neglected nor simply swept under the rug to be forgotten later - this is the Rule of Law and a requirement of the Constitution this Nation was founded upon - the same document our Nation is supposed to be run by.Here, you have a Senate document validating the exact issue of Constitutional eligibility for Senator McCain in his bid for Presidency in 2008 and President Obama, in the long form Birth Certificate presented on the White House website, affirms his Father was a Kenyan - a British subject - not an American Citizen as required under the Constitution of the United States for the position of President.I find no Senate resolution verifying Barack Hussein Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen" of the United States!To wit; Barack Hussein Obama was not eligible for the office of President in 2008 and he and his administration must be immediately removed in its entirety.Congressman Boehner must be appointed interim President until such a time as lawful elections can be arranged and we as a Nation need to return our Federal Government to the grounds this Nation was founded upon. The Constitution of the United States.Our Constitution is quite clear on this topic; there is no elite class in the United States.Respectfully,SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason13306 Gable Village Dr.San Antonio, Texas 78231(210) 602-4291cc: Social media, severalTea Party Command Center
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