A Woman Rides The Beast

Dave Hunt's book "A Woman Rides The Beast" is where Hazel had me start learning about early church history. Below is the official lecture he did as part of The Berean Call On January 19, 2012. Almost an hour but well worth the time.

This officially starts the thread I described in the discussion for President Trump's declaration of a national day of prayer this past Sunday, March 15, 2020.

I'll re-post some of the comments I placed there to clarify why I did this in this way.

Another couple videos will be added in the comments to expand on this.

There is one video, I'll post early on, where Dave mentions how important it is to change an opinion whenever clear facts come to light without being offended. Try and find it.

And now get on with watching the first media clip from The Berean Call...


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  • keep it up 

  • Try not to absorb all the data I posted at once. I do not want to clean up the mess.

    First and foremost, what got me down this road is a desire to get as many as possible reading Scripture daily for at least 15 minutes.

    25 years ago my wife and I decided to add to our very first thing in the morning Bible study to read one chapter of Proverbs choosing the chapter that is the same number as the day of the month.

    It takes about 90 seconds as they are short. I need that klunk over the head with wisdom and discipline often.

    After 20 years all the pages were loose from the binding and tattered.

    I concocted to have them scanned and printed in a booklet and got official approval from Tyndale.

    Called it "Proverbs Tattered". Printed thousands at $2.50 each my cost and gave them out for free. Figured if someone could spend 90 seconds a day reading lights might go off and they would desire more then start in on a regular Bible reading program. Maybe 5 people did.

    But, they were RCC. That is worth it. Never had to be derogatory. Jesus Christ picked up the ball from there.

    However, truth matters and I know how much has been very carefully hidden from mankind just like Hillbeast tried her own email server.

    One other bouncing ball - my opinion - Scripture is scientifically accurate. Why some of the documentaries I included in the comments here.

    Islam plays a big role in God's End Times Plan. A very bad one. A subject I've followed with my Jewish friends for years in significant depth. The Imams are bragging how they will attack Rome and destroy the RCC. No joke. See all them flooding into Italy? Not to hand out cookies.

    Bouncing all over the place so have to stop for now.

    May all of you get blessed by this blog beyond what you can ask or imagine!!!

  • AHA...this should do it...

    The off topic is my fault.

    As you know I've been away quite a while.

    My focus is to get as many as possible to spend a reasonable amount of time in Scripture every day.

    Over the years the biggest hurdle has been to get people who attend the RCC to read.

    Being that Sunday was a national day of prayer it is more than appropriate to encourage this.

    I was thrown into a debate about 10 years ago without asking for it that forced me to bone up big time on early church history and it revealed volumes of mind blowing evidence.

    Using that with local people I've actually succeeded where before I failed to get many RCC people reading on their own and loving it.

    The first baby steps must be to communicate what I've learned without being threatening or confrontational or demean the RCC.

    That requires learning (teaching) some Old Testament principles to put the New Testament ones in proper context.

    So, I began by asking some leading questions and so far no one has figured out the answer.

    Because I do not want this to degenerate probably another thread needs started.

    If I get some time I will start one.

  • I think one more after this...

    If you read another comment I made in response to Kristi Ann's admonition to stay on subject it included that I would start another thread so we could continue this discussion with some sanity.

    Likely tonight I'll get to it.

    From your responses there has to be large amounts of data that did not get included in your studies.

    Saying that alone is a tad controversial but I think it is safe to say in the context of brainstorming because truth matters.

    Here is one point that is totally undeniable. Constantine wanted historians to write about him having reigned during a time of peace but that did not exist because pagan priests were capturing Christians and feeding them to lions. He was worshipped as God by the pagan priests. In an attempt to shut this down he came up with the idea of creating a universal church which he did and put some of the known leaders of Christians in Rome into the leadership then assigning the pagan temple priests to be the priests in this new religion. Thus he chose the name Catholic. It is the marriage of the world to what was then very weak Christian leaders. "The Great Prostitute" So there is a semblance of truth wedded to the world.

    He proceeded to order the disciples about 5 generations separated from the Apostles to join. They were still very strong in faith and to a person said, "Absolutely not."

    Now it looked like his effort would be a total bust.

    And no enticement could get them to change their minds.

    Thus the RCC enlisted an army to destroy them all and it was wildly successful. 40 million perished. But a contingent escaped to Russia. They are what is the Baptist Church today.

    Since the RCC had adopted real true Scripture as an authority some actually studied it but that turned sour because it raised too much controversy with the pagan temple priests who were now the priests.

    Therefore it was declared that Scripture is too hard for the average person to understand and interpret and they must go to the priests for interpretation and the priests who read it started having their heads blow up so that was changed that only bishops could interpret it.

    Fact is, Scripture is easy for a child to understand as it says within.

    Since Scripture is truth anyone who gets it into the space where the bone and the marrow divide will have their thinking cleared up forever.

    And as you know even Protestants spend little time doing that.

    So, I've resolved the best course is to get everyone into The Word and leave the rest to Jesus Christ.

  • Maybe one more...

    Volumes of evidence are available.

    The RCC has pretty much created enough distractions that few even think of seeking it out.

    Funny thing a few popes ago one admitted the evidence is correct and made an apology.

    Hardly any media carried it.

    Constantine was a spurious character who even refused to be baptized until on his death bed and then only as an "Aryan".

    I had a secretary who spent years delving into early church history but did not find out until a crisis occurred and I needed facts.

    Knew Hazel was a daily Bible reader and did many studies so I took a chance and asked her if she ever studied early church history and she had hugely.

    That saved me much time and I went to her sources and boned up. It really rocked my world. But it fit perfectly with many experiences I had over many years starting from childhood.

  • Closer...

    The number one biggest problem is keeping people out of Scripture.

    Get people in and Jesus Christ will take care of the rest.

    There is no need to instruct anyone to leave. But why is a mystery that my wife uncovered.

  • Almost done...

    Ron, Do not assume I'm referring to the RCC as counterfeit.

    It does have huge issues that started at the getgo.

    Truth must win out and the truth being hidden has hurt many unaware people in and out of their doors.

    The question is how?

    Like I said the words to leave will not come from me.

    There is a profound reason why and it is revealed by R17.

    John was in amazement over it as you certainly read.

    You say you are Baptist. Do you know the history where they came from?

  • More...

    Had a moment to check email.

    Have you ever had a counterfeit $20.00 bill in your hand?

    The whole idea is to make it so close to the real thing you are tricked.

    For every good thing of God there is a worldly counterfeit.

    Like the money it is designed to trick even the faithful.

    When you see someone being tricked is it considerate to point it out?

  • More from the day of prayer discussion...

    Do not have time for a proper response to either you or Ron but later will expand.

    For now go read Revelation 17 and try to figure out what my wife discovered.

    Also, consider how many conversions took place by both the Apostles, their associates, and their descendants over the first 300 years.

    Then consider that when you attend service you put money in the basket.

    Guess what was happening less and less in the pagan temples?

    So, the pagan priests rounded up Christians and fed them to lions, etc.

    Where are all those people who converted by the efforts of the Apostles?

  • This is brought over from the Sunday declared day of prayer discussion.

    Need to connect a bunch of dots so having it here will assist that effort.

    And now...

    Time to get challenging.

    This may be why I pulled away from posting here. Been a while so cannot be sure.

    Had reason many years (45) ago to read Genesis through Revelation start to finish without skipping 3 times a year. Maintained that at least half those years then went to once a year so I say I've been cover to cover 70 times.

    That is not bragging. Had reason to and it had a profound effect on my other studies.

    I got dragged into a debate on how the Roman Catholic Church started.

    So, I turned to people who had traveled in that dimension and probably had credible facts.

    It got intense. My personal experience played heavily into my determination to find out what really happened.

    My present assessment makes it most uncomfortable to exchange ideas about who Jesus Christ is to members of the RCC.

    Therefore, my tact is to encourage them to read one chapter of Proverbs every day and try to stay with it for at least two years. One chapter takes about 90 seconds to read. Easy to jam into the busiest of days.

    Without saying one single thing about what I've learned of the history after about 6 months I get a call or email that they are having conflict with their church members over dedication to Jesus Christ. Mind you I've not been trying any form of influence on them. It is purely they tried reading Scripture I suggested and it started causing them uncomfortable encounters.

    Now I need to say I went to RCC grade school, high school, and spent a year in a Benedictine Monastery near Chicago. I was "imprinted" and had no intention of departing. And departing is never what I tell the people who took me up on Proverbs to do. You will not hear me saying that here.

    I did find it appropriate to exit because of my situation.

    I'm certain there are many who belong to the RCC on this site as it is easy to discern from the way they describe anything pertaining to Creation or serving God.

    My approach may again get me into trouble so to be safe I'm saying something in advance.

    Let me present one idea to contemplate and digest. Revelation Chapter 17 describes "A Great Prostitute" and we know Scripture is truth.

    Old Testament Prophets very often referred to the Jewish religious leaders as prostitutes for the simple reason they had God given truth and they married it to the ways of the World.

    My wife connected the dots and I was floored when she did.

    Can anyone surmise the dots she connected?

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