A Gross Distortion of Truth

4063506521?profile=originalSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid says to pass a budget at this stage is foolish. At this stage, government spending out of control, Reid’s statement says bankrupting America is the right thing to do. Half of America’s voters agree with Reid. For this group of voters, equal distribution of wealth is the right way to go, which is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote America’s Constitution. 

By bankrupting America, Reid and following get to put their ideas into effect.  History records that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama deserve more because they are leaders. Their following deserves more.  Those who don’t agree deserve to die.  Death to infidels agrees with the Koran. It does not matter what they say.  It is what they do!  Include Reid and company. The individual is no consideration.  Destroying one’s self to eliminate opposition gets you to Paradise.  It goes with Reid and his following’s territory. Anything for the cause!

Of God, no man can think. God created man to be good, to think no evil, Barack Obama’s idea.  Proof of this is in the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.  It was man’s temptation that brought evil into our world. A fake god is responsible for Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and following’s distorted ideas. It’s one for all and all for one—Big Labor’s boot-licking lackeys, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Is this picture not what the above mentioned frauds cause?

The other half of America’s voters agree with the Founding Fathers: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In my estimation, the truth of the matter is that man was created to know good and evil. America’s Constitution, my Constitution says President Obama, and all who think like him, are deceiving themselves. Jesus advised us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and hypocrites.  

God gave us reason and logic, the means of knowing good and evil, the means to know the Higher Law, the law of all times.  Why change a good thing? Notwithstanding democracy’s self-serving distortions, and the same for religion’s misguided doctrines and dogmas, my book,  In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012, about to be published, brings us, universally, to accept Jesus as man’s true teacher.  We are born for justice. Long live liberty, and freedom, and independence.  Peace be with you. I’m Aquarius, the water-bearer, bringing water to a famished world. God Bless Republican candidate Romney. God bless my America.

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  • Looks like that punk hanging on that cops back is about to get some street justice. I could never be one of those cops, because id put a mask on and start cracking heads with that club, he needs a aluminum bat in each hand. I could never be a cop like that.
  • Yeah Dingy Harry Reid,  why bother with a little budget when you can spend, spend, spend.

    Sure don't want to put your Budget on paper for us all to see the Trillions more in spending & taxes, but criticize several good Republican budgets.  Democrats "always" vote against a Balanced Budget Amendment, easy to see why,  how else could they "give" people Stuff, with other people's money to get re-elected?  

    The best way to spread the wealth you socialist morons, is to get Government out of the way so Americans can go back to work, and spread their wealth with their paychecks.

  • Oy Vey, is this a schmatte.

  • Equal distribution of wealth is something taught by the lazy. I worked my entire life to earn a living and youth now days wants everything handed to them. As for Reid's comments that doesn't surprise me. Dems will say what ever they thing the public wants to hear, wrong or right

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