There is a lot of controversy surrounding Trump and Clinton and I don't think either of them are the right choice for the greater good of America nor it's future in a good way!!! here is one choice I believe is the right choice for America and a better future for this generation and future generations Kyle Kenley Kopitke and Nathan Revo Sorenson two veterans dedicated to protecting the 2nd amendment and the rest of the constitution a presidential ticket dedicated to the people not special interest or big business, join me in seeing that they receive ballot access in as many states as possible by volunteering to collect signatures visiting and liking there Facebook page @ kopitke/sorenson independent presidential ticket 2016 also please visit there website @ Help save America help protect our constitution lets make America greater then it's ever been, even tho it is still great, it is heading down a destructive path!!!                      THANK YOU!!! Daniel Karl Jones

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