Saira Blair, who just unseated an incumbent West Virginia state legislator, isn’t thinking about her plans for the summer. She’s thinking about how to defeat Democrat Layne Diehl come November. Because if Saira wins, it will make her the youngest legislator in West Virginia’s history-  she’s just 17 years old.

Blair narrowly edged-out the incumbent, Republican state Delegate Larry Klump, by 144 votes. She campaigned on a straightforward platform:

  • Pro-life
  • Pro-gun
  • Pro-family
  • Pro-business
  • Pro-jobs

Blair even gave out her cell phone number to any potential constituents who might want to ask her questions. In addition, Blair has pledged to run only a positive campaign.

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When asked about her capability to fill the shoes of an incumbent lawmaker, Saira asserted:

“I think I’m fully capable of doing the job, and I don’t think it’s rocket science by any means — not if you just listen to the people,” …

“There are two types of politicians: those that think they know everything, and those who want to listen to the people and do what they feel, and I’ll be the (latter).”

That’s what being a representative of the people was all about before the government began abusing its power to take control of people’s lives and fortunes. Now, being a politician isn’t serving the public, it’s a career move with a highly lucrative payoff – depending on how corrupt you are.

Maybe it’s just being naive, but this young lady might be different.

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  • Go Saira!  Wish I lived in her district in WV so I could cast my vote for her.

  • It is always such a great feeling to see young people that have Conservative, good-old American values like this girl. Wish her all the best and many more like her! ! !

  • Good Girl!!!!  Smart young lady.  I wish her WELL!  I'd like to read about the things she accomplishes, while angering the liberals.

  • One would think that the Rhino Republicans would look at the platform she won on and duplicate it all over the Country. They will not because they want to keep their power.

  • I wish her well! May God bless her journey!

  • You go Saira Blair we need more people like you! I wish you the best and tear up those demoncraps!!

  • Too funny! I guess the politician she unseated has a lot of egg all over his face. People are ready for hope and change, back to the way things were better.

  • Wow, imagine that!
  • my dog would do a great job in the senate sniff it, screw it, pee on it, then walk away

  • Go to a college campus and ask questions or get their political opinions, it's sad that this young lady could not be rule for young people.

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