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Is America a republic?

Yes through the democratic processes of this Republic.

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Richard E. Ziegler posted a blog post
LYING-The American people can be very forgiving when mistakes are made.  However, history tells us in recent decades that they are unforgiving when lying, cover-up, and deceit are used to deceive the American people.  This is what is going on now…
May 14, 2013
Richard E. Ziegler posted a blog post
Marriage is defined as the union of a man and woman for life.  The way a man and woman's body are formed is evidence of this natural union (versus unnatural unions).  Everything else is not a real marriage but instead a civil union or some other…
Mar 8, 2013
Richard E. Ziegler commented on Richard E. Ziegler's blog post Obama Voters Repreented Only 16% of the Population
"Good catch Nick.  The current resident population is closer to 315 million.  The adjusted figure comes to about 20.6% of the US population voted for Obama thereby in theory imposing his vision on the other 79.4% of the population.  However,…"
Dec 27, 2012
Richard E. Ziegler posted a blog post
As Tuesday approaches I want to wish everyone a blessed CHRISTmas.  As you experience Christmas this year consider the importance of this holiday.  For example, there are over 2 billion people worldwide who not only celebrate Christmas as a holiday…
Dec 22, 2012
Richard E. Ziegler posted blog posts
Dec 21, 2012
Richard E. Ziegler posted a blog post
I see a lot of confusion about the term socialism.  To separate fact from fiction, truth from myth, I offer the following.  There are 20 variants of Socialism.  In its pure sense it does mean non profit driven control of production by the government…
Dec 11, 2012

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