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Matt Burns commented on Craig Manoukian's blog post United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Defeated in The Senate
" It really wouldn't have been effective  trying and disarm the people of their rights. We would never obey an illegal law anyway."
Oct 17, 2013
Matt Burns commented on Dan Smith's blog post Obama finally has become the tyrant he always wanted to be
"How in hell have we let such a fraud become president? He is bent on destroying our freedom and intends to make it his kingdom under socialist rule. He must be disposed of before he succeeds in the 
 ruining of our America. The sooner the better…"
Oct 10, 2013
Matt Burns commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Keeping God In Pledge of Allegiance Faces New Legal Attack on America’s Soul
" Why in the world should we intelligent people concede to those fools who figure there is no higher power. I guess they have been convinced they are the result of just accidental and  random cellular
 developments. Granted, we don't really know what…"
Oct 8, 2013
Matt Burns commented on Caroline Condit's blog post An Open Letter to the Obama Administration
" The gullible fools have elected as their president a person of questionable birth place, educational funding as a foreign student and has sealed his records so no one can find out the truth about him. Now he is acting like a spoiled brat, and wants…"
Oct 8, 2013

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