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Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Jeff Stevenson
"What's goin on in Gathersburg."
Aug 2, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Barry 'Bigbare' Carson
"Appreciate the insight but now my highest priority is finding a job before my truck gets repo'ed."
Jul 1, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Barry 'Bigbare' Carson
"That Troops video is good I got friends that just that got back recently some aint doin so good."
Jul 1, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Barry 'Bigbare' Carson
"You sound like a busy guy how come you dont do more in Md ya know to really drive that nail through the wood an let Washington know your not doin what America wants."
Jul 1, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Barry 'Bigbare' Carson
"Good point! There's I guess really no way to connect Obama I just dont trust the guy. As for gov worker's I dont know how it is down your way but here it's an 8 hour lunch break, I like how what's her name head of Mineral Reasorces an she just…"
Jul 1, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Barry 'Bigbare' Carson
"Is your car produced entirely by Illegal workers!"
Jun 25, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Barry 'Bigbare' Carson
"It's no problem Iv'e been job hunting myself , how depressing! It's ok there's always McDonald's. So has the oil disaster hit u yet "What a Fuckup". Did u get the impression that Tony Hayworth doesn't care. An while were at it settle a bet for me…"
Jun 25, 2010
Jonathan M Kuhner left a comment for Don Thomson
"Don your flippen awesome, yeah check it out I'm a young guy right an it seem's like the media has got all my friends thinkin one way but it's like I look at whats going on an I'm told to just be ok with it an I am not. Look dude I know in my heart…"
Apr 19, 2010

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  • John I am busy, way to busy to worry about Maryland.
    That's your job. Everybody has to take care of their own backyard.
    There are Faxes and Emails to send everyday, a letter to the editor
    of your local paper at least once or twice a month. Find a candidate
    running for office (any office) in your immediate vicinity, that suits
    your beliefs, and volunteer in his/her campaign. If every one just
    does a little bit the job will get done.
  • Jon, good to hear from you, I think.
    Have no idea what the car thing is about.
    As for the oil spill, for now it is a Florida west coast problem,
    but since it has little chance of being controled in my lifetime,
    it is just a matter of time till the 'gulf-stream' picks it up and
    sends it all the way to England. As for BP contributions, It would
    be almost impossible to connect them to relaxed regulation.
    The well in question went down during the middle of the Bush reign.
    Besides BP had little to do with the actual well installation. While BP
    was the largest contributor to the democrat party of all the oil co's
    In the big picture their total contributions to BHO was less than 1%
    of the 750mil+ that BHO used to buy the White House. The main
    reason this well failed is a combination of the well driller cutting
    corners and the nobody in the BHO administration with enough oil
    experience to fill a standard one quart oil can. ( of course I am still
    leaving open the possiblity of under-handed sabotage) As you recall
    nobody was paying attention. The people that were supposed to be
    montering the wells for the gov. were all fired a few weeks before
    because they were all spending 8+ hrs a day watching Porn on their
    gov. computers. As for Mr Hayworth's stonewalling you have to remember
    the first member of BHO's administration to show up on the scene was
    his Atty. Gen. Eric Holder. When the top prosecutor of the US is the first
    person I meet I too quickly develope loss of memory and lack of
    conservation skills.
  • Jon, so sorry your message has sat here for almost a month,
    but this is the first I have been by this site in a month.
    Let me tell you my sad tale. I belong to over 40 sites, I run
    10 So Fl groups, have my own Ning page, a blog over on Google,
    and am actively involved in 6 Nat. 8 State and 3 local election
    campaigns, D-2 committeeman PBC/REC, own and run a company,
    and try to find a little time to be a halfass husband to my wife of 35 yrs.
    This (TPO) is in the specialty catagory in my collections and I only
    get by here when I have a post that fits here.
    I live in Jupiter Florida and as far as my opinion of whats going on in
    my beloved America, the simple answer is "It Sucks" to get a more
    detailed explanation here is a link to my Google blog, "BigbareSays"
    http://bigbaresays.blogspot.com/on the site is a list of some
    of the other places I live. If you look over my blog and check out
    some of my other places you will get a pretty good idea of where I'm
    at and where I stand on most issues. Thats the best I can do for you
    Jonathan because there is a character limit in the comment section
    here that would not even begin to allow me to get started on what is
    going on in America. Thanks for asking and sorry again about the lag.
    Bigbare Says
    FREEDOM is not a Gift. FREEDOM is a Process of Education,<br> Action,and at times Standing your ground.<br> I will try to keep you Informed I may ev…
  • Thanks man. Keep your thoughts and don't worry that your friends don't get it. You are way ahead of the game.
  • Jonathan,
    Listen to "Wake Up America" on "myspace.com/dondonot" These are the thoughts of a old guy out in the middle of nowhere in Texas.
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