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March 19

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


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Yes, and all the other backwards liberals that have forgotten that: They work for the American people!!!!

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Jake Brown posted a blog post
 I used to believe changing who we put in office would make a difference, but it seems to be business as usual
Jun 27, 2020
Jake Brown posted a discussion in Help Desk
Are there any plans for a Tea Party Command Center app in the future? If we have one now where can I download it? Thanks.
Dec 24, 2015
Jake Brown posted a blog post
As we saw Paul Ryan double crossed the Tea Party-Conservative(TPC) "party" I feel like the Republicans & Tea Party-Conservatives are gonna split soon. I know the Republicans would rather see Hillary get President than a few of the Republican…
Dec 23, 2015
Jake Brown left a comment on Help Desk
"Is there a section on "my page" that is like an "about me" section?  Just somewhere that we can lay it all out on the table, on who we are and where we stand."
Mar 26, 2015
Jake Brown commented on William M. Finley's blog post Woman From Burma (Myanmar) Beheaded in the Streets of Saudi Arabia (Video)
"Where is the Woman's rights activist, feminist, or anyone from the left? Conservatives are trying to stop this from landing on our shores, but the left welcomes this, while it accuses us of waging a war on women. God help us!"
Jan 17, 2015
Jake Brown left a comment for Sam Martello
"Hey Sam, welcome! "
Jan 8, 2015
Jake Brown commented on Jake Brown's blog post Conservative, Tea Party, And Republicans. Is there any solution?
"I totally agree with Frankmusic, but somethings gotta to give at some point. Conservatives and Tea Partiers are treated like step children, but without them the Republican party would lose a lot of members. Splitting the party is not the solution,…"
Jan 3, 2015
Jake Brown posted a blog post
 I'm not very good at writing, so please forgive any bad grammer. I really hope this makes enough sense to understand what I'm try to say. Lol! I hold the values of all three groups in high regard, and do not for the life of me understand why some…
Jan 1, 2015

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