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    Reference these documents to  the comments below; then it will all make sense:

  • Hello Carole, While your emotions are in the right place I think you should reconsider the impeachment strategy.  First, given that the foolish uninformed and uneducated leftist voters put Obama in office as a result of having a lack of historical knowledge and as a result of the infiltration in all aspects of our civic and academic lives by the likes of George Soros is no surprise.  Impeachment will not likely be accomplished anyhow.  The US Congress is rife with these power hungry leftists who care not one whit about the future of the nation so long as they can maintain power and dictate how we as Americans shall live our lives via such agencies as Obamacare.  And that is a good thing, no impeachment that is.  And were an impeachment to happen that would be an official imprimatur legitimizing the so-called presidency of Obama the illegal alien.  Say he would lose the impeachment all his works would stay in force.  One simply does not impeach an illegitimate.  So what to do?  Ideally he should be hauled out into the public arena to account for and stand trial by an appointed tribunal for his espionage, sedition, usurpation of a national office and violation of the RICO Statutes.  Immediately upon conviction each and every one of his works would become null and void. An infiltrating spy has no real authority as an official of any stripe in a free republic.  The great American nightmare would be over and there would not be a single thing his conspirators and sycophants could do about it.  Furthermore, the nation would be saved years of wrangling in an effort to negate the works of Obama.  He is not even eligible for charges of treason as one has to be a citizen and owe allegiance to the nation he betrays in order for that bit of ignominy.  That is definitional.  Are any of these better outcomes likely?  Not probable, at all, given that Obama the Tyrant has ingrained himself in the body politic of the country.  I predict that sooner or later, Obama and/or his agents will create a massive civil unrest of such a magnitude that he will look heroic when he declares martial law, kills a few thousand citizens and declares himself Savior of the Nation, or some such.  Then the destruction of the few remaining liberties we result.  The only remedy is an outright full scale revolution by 8 or 10 million citizens, who that despite the terrible losses, enough will prevail to rescue the republic.  Actually, I don't hold out much for this scenario either as there are not now enough red blooded American patriots to supply the grit and necessary planning to complete a rescue.  The order of the day is still obsessions with professional sports, gambling and pornography.  Our country has been subsumed by the message of the foreign and domestic infiltrators in our colleges, universities and the civic arena of government at every level.  I truly wish there was a rational effective antidote to the mess in which we find ourselves.  I'm sorry, I just don't see one happening.  I sure would welcome the thoughts of a better mind than mine.  Again, impeachment?  It is both a huge mistake and very unlikely. Here's a major part of the problem we are facing: 

    Even though Obama/Soetoro was born an Obama, his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro adopted him legally changing his name so that he could go to the schools in Indonesia.  In fact he is occupying the nation and the White House under a false name!  Now that is a definition of chutzpah and we are letting him get away with the purposeful destruction of our republic.  This is the current answer about whether or not our nation will endure as posed by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago in his Gettysburg Address.


  • HI Carole,

    patriotic welcome



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