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A Now Revamped Republican Party Is On The Horizon That Is Pushing Out Its Past Politicians Whom Created Failures Of All Sorts And Putting U.S. Citizens Over Business, Government And Immigrants To Preserve And Better Our Republic As A Nation Founded For Its Citizens.
As the new Republican Party forms under the leadership of Donald Trump and the non libertarian "Tea Party" we must make certain all of our efforts do not go to waste and build a never ending effort that cannot be broken. Taking back our political party that was taken from us while we were asleep by third party libertarian "Rinos" is underway. Spokespersons that speak for our efforts must be vetted and maintained in the near Donald Trump voice so when we are ready to step down the next generations of us can keep up the effort that our generation created and put into play.


Click Link Here To Read The Full Article: A New Republican Party Is Emerging That Rejects Its Past Failures

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The Republican Party is the polical entity that is home to the Tea Party.

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