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Do you, as an American Citizen, trust your government to look out for your best interest?


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Do you believe that Obama wants to be a totalitarian dictator? 


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Do you support sending armed troops and drones to secure the border?


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Is Nancy Pelosi sane?


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Should each member of Congress who supports amnesty be required to house and personally pay the expenses of illegal alien families in their own homes for six months? 


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In your opinion, does Congress act in the best interest of the American citizens?


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Would you support building a tent city on the White House lawn to house the illegals pouring over the border? 


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  • the irs are still breaking the law, and the entire agency is under investigation and multiple lawsuits.....and they are enforcing obamacare? the military troops have been used as political pawns with using benefits for those kia's, as some barter...ww2 vets cant even get into their memorial, while illegals can have access to places the vets cant...and this is just the tip of the iceberg,,,,AND THE FRIGGIN GOP LEADERSHIP STILL WAFFLES AND ACTS LIKE A BUNCH OF BALLIS COWARDS?......RIGHT NOW THE GOP ARE WORSE THAN THE LEFT COMMIES, AT LEAST THEY STICK TOGETHER.

  • J. Bradt  it is not so much what he(Ted Cruz) or any GOP member has said that in of itself misses the point!! it is indeed what they(the GOP) have done or in this case what they have not done, nothing that has been done so far by the GOP that is or can be considered substantive relative to carrying out the will of the people nor does it look like they (the GOP) will do so-so yes there is the moot point event, there are mountains of lip service but little or no action. it is only a moot point from the stand point of foreseeable results from either the congress and or the people neither of which seems to be presently disposed in taking any real meaningful action and I fear it is been left up to the people by virtue of a non representative Gov't-meaning unless and until the people rise up in some meaningful fashion and take back control of this country the American people will continue to lose more and more freedoms and yes it all starts with Gov't not carrying out the will of the people which is what we as Americans are currently experiencing-I expect the GOP to cave in because it is too easy not to 

    My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too  much government.

    When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears  the people, there is liberty.

    Thomas  Jefferson


  • Evan, I’m still lost on your answer to the topic. If I understand you correctly the topic is moot because any attempt to even try stopping this mess is doomed.

    I think we are mostly in agreement about the large majority of our representatives and absolutely about “the liberal lapdog press”, but I firmly believe “We the People” MUST act.


    In reference to the subject topic, we can’t hold the GOP accountable unless we let them know our beliefs. I’ve written all MY representatives  expressing mine “Please -Do NOT, under any circumstances, allow the individual mandate to be implemented.”. 


    In case you missed it, listen to what Senator Cruz actually said at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpnQJEmSpPk&feature=player_detai...


  • When GOP is !00% for the people then they have my vote!

  • Every time the RNC asks for a donation I write back that, "Until they reject Amnesty I will NOT donate."  However, when the House all stuck together on de-funding Obamacare,  I sent a small donation for the 1st. time in a long time.
    But if they fold & increase the Debt- Ceiling (without) offsetting spending Cuts, I will not fund the RNC, but a Republican Party having more power & control of the Federal Government is MUCH better than Complete Control by Democrat Socialists ANYTIME! ! !  I will vote for the GOP every-time, unless they are a known Liberal !
  • J. Bradt you have to be suspicious of any Harvard grad that would knowingly take the wrong way of failure as in the case of the filibuster and Ted Cruz's Texas two step, while it was grandiose kabuki theater it was also doomed to failure and by his own admission and that's the part that get's me he(ted Cruz) knew it would fail-all they(republicans) had to do initially is let Obama care fail yet instead they(GOP) introduce measure after measure that again was doomed to fail giving the dems fodder on a platter for consumption in the liberal lapdog press of the administration.... had the GOP done nothing and simply let Obama care fall thru its butt the liberal lapdog press would only had Obama care as a failure and not the GOP!! that is the point and the end result is once again the will of the American people is not being represented by any part of our Gov't it's that simple! 

  • This is an example of a bad poll question.  I personally do not send any funds to the GOP itself.  Only selected candidates.  I feel I must encourage and support constitutionalists, while writing the GOP to explain why my money does not go to THEM.

  • Evan I still don’t understand your plan. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me the loudest voice right now is “Harvard grads(Ted Cruz included)“. I personally completely agree with everything  I have heard out of him.



    I hadn’t ever considered actually letting the Democrats win, but you make a GREAT point. What’s the difference between a Dem and a Rino? I’m a registered independent from the age of 18 (not 18 for a looong time now – LOL) and vote for the closest candidate to the original precepts of the Constitution as available.

  • I'll vote for Tea Party candidates only, when possible.  If we don't, the Dems win every time. One reason we got Obama was because so many stayed home.  As much as I hate most of the GOP, if we don't vote, the other side wins.  If we do vote, we still have Tea Party members in the Republican party that can fight for us.  Our main concern should be in voting the Rino's out and Tea Party in.  We can't do that if we stay home.

  • The problem here in IN is trying to convince a qualified conservative to run against the state GOP establishment, which keeps giving us RINOs. When we do find someone, the state will not support. It seems that they in some cases would rather see a Dem win than a Tea Party candidate. I feel that is our biggest problem, at the national level they do not want a true conservative like we the Tea Party wants. So to answer the question, maybe, depending upon who is running against the incumbent.
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