Nevada's flag has a cobalt blue background. A five-pointed silver star (silver is the state metal) is positioned in  the upper left quarter of the flag between two sprays of sagebrush that  cross to form a half-wreath (sagebrush is Nevada's state flower, and one of Nevada's nicknames is "The Sagebrush State").

Across the top of the wreath is a golden scroll with the words "Battle Born" in black letters. The phrase "Battle Born" signifies that Nevada entered the Union during the Civil War.


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State Election Information

Statewide election dates

June 9, 2020: Primary
November 3, 2020: General election

Offices on the ballot

Below is a list of 2020 Nevada elections covered by Ballotpedia. Follow the links to learn more about each type.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Congress special election
Other state executive
State Senate
State Assembly
Special state legislative
State Supreme Court
Intermediate appellate courts
Local judges
School boards
Municipal government
Ballot measures
Local ballot measures


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  • Just moved back to Las Vegas, if there is anything I can do to help here, let me know

  • I just cant see why given the fact that Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist That we cant back him. And whats up with FOX Axing the good Judge Andrew Nepolitano.



  • I wanted to announce my new book:

    Christian TEA Party – Tough Evangelical Activist

    There are free chapter samples at www.SpiritImpact.org.

    Hopefully you will find it very interesting and helpful.

    Thank you,

    Pastor John

  • I am organizing a float in the Helldorado Parade here in Las Vegas for May 14, will do another on July 4th. I encourage all Tea Parties to enter into their local parades. I also have a plan to unite all the Tea Parties, contact me for more info if your Party is interested.
  • The News of Our Passing Was Just Another Propaganda Ploy of the NWO To Secure Further and Final Control Over God's Second Greatest Accomplishment i.e. America / the Good Ol USA____The Spirit of America Is Once Again Risen____And We Shall Not Be Denied____Nor___Cast Aside Ever AGAIN____What Tried To Kill US And Failed___Has Made US Stronger___Onward__Victory To The Brave__!!!

  • It’s Time for the Tea Party to Pick a

    _____First Things First Coach Dave___The System is too far GONE TO HELL to continue to believing We Gonna Get Our Country Back With This Or That 'Great Candidate'___Coach We Must Forget About 'attacking' The Symptoms AND GO STRAIGHT FOR THE SOURCE OF OUR DARKNESS___i.e.___the S...upreme Court__The House of Representatives___The Executive Branch___and The Dark Lords Over-All__The New World Order Operatives Controlling The Entire Downfall of Freedom via the Various Staff Components of the previous named Tri-Power of Our American Government System...
    Nope Coach__ U get a 'A' for Desire to Win____but Ur plans are dashed by the reality of the situation____Coach its time to put on the long steal cleats so We can slog through the Mud of Deception____

  • Freedom Watch - Gerald Celente - Rise of a Third Party
  • It is official, we have become too technologically advanced for our own good. That said, greed and technology together are killing this country and people are, "too busy" to stop, read, research and take notice.

    I just read a portion of the health care bill, Sec. 2521 Pg. 1000, where it is required to implant the RFID chip.
    I read in Businessweek that, Tommy Thompson, the former Health and Human Services Secretary under George Bush is now on the VeriChip Board of Directors. He is currently working together with Chairman and CEO Scott Silverman of Applied Digital. They are claiming that medical technology is so far behind that this is "NECESSARY" and will protect us in the long run to have these chips implanted into our right arm. They are brain washing people by saying how it is only for you and your child's protection in case the child gets kidnapped or lost. They keep claiming that people are dying every day due to lack of technology and this helps the doctors get the information on you quicker, instead of...HEAVEN FORBID THEY READ YOUR MEDICAL ID BRACELET OR GET THE INFORMATION FROM YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER OR BOTHER TO LOOK IN YOUR PURSE OR WALLET FOR AN ID. CARD. Now Applied Digital is saying that this is voluntary but it is in our Health Care LAW now!!! Hospitals are already set up with the proper FDA approved equipment.
    What the hell are we doing people????? THIS IS SCARY S##T.
    The University of Florida has a prototype of a pill that is designed to be tracked by a cellphone or laptop after being swallowed by an Alzheimer's patient for example. The silver in the pill stays in your system the same way and the same amount as in tap water. There is already a company out there that wants to purhcase and market this pill.
  • "WeTook It Back the Hard Way When We Realized The Entire Sytem Was Rigged By The New World Order (NWO)... They Gave Us NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER ... So We Exercised Our Rights Expressed in the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution..."
    This pic was 'lifted' from one of Our New Friends_whom I shall at this moment not name... but 'thanks girl, the Good Lord has given you the Heart of a Lion.. '

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Your infidel taxpayer dollars at work! The dome on Capitol Hill will be gilded in no short order. Where is the separation of mosque and state? Head slap! There s no separation. Mosque is state. (hat tip Creeping Sharia)The Congressional Muslim Staffers (CMSA) – a group we told you about numerous times now (read previous posts here), and their leader Jihad. Well, he chose the name Jihad it always seems to be abbreviated to J. when the media is around.Folks – this is the United States Capitol…

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I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about having a candidate for the Senate, running as a Tea Party Candidate.  I'm concerned that this is not a good thing as it will dilute the VOTE.  I heard that this is a set up by Harry Reid to guarantee that he will not lose the election.

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