The battleground is the internet. You are the warriors. The mission is conservative dominance on FaceBook and Twitter.

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Are you on FaceBook? Do you Twitter? WE NEED YOU!

The battleground is the internet. You are the warriors. The mission is conservative dominance on FaceBook and Twitter.

In 2008 the Democrats ruled the web and took the White House.  2014 is the year of the Conservatives.  We've learned a lot since that fateful 2008 election and now it is our time to harness the full force of the internet to get the Conservative message out and understood.


We need people on FaceBook sharing our messages.  If you are on Twitter, we need you twittering the message!  Let's make sure we are heard LOUD AND CLEAR! 


If you can help, please sign up and start sharing the discussions we have on site, the blogs, your comments, just keep Conservatism in front of the masses. If you are feeling really inspired, hit up a few liberal sites and have some fun!!


Are you willing to step out on the web and show the left that we can network too?  Then, let's get to it! 



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    Please promote this link EVERYWHERE.  Your social pages, twitter, FaceBook, email it to your friends, drop it into discussions and anywhere else you can think to put it.  

    Let's put some heat on the Repubs to do the right thing.  Obama's continual violations of the Constitution and the law must stop!  Help give the GOP a backbone.  Let them know we ain't takin' it anymore.

    We will be personally getting the results to Congress.  This is easy and anyone can do it!  Ask your friends to pass it on too. Let's start an internet avalanche of calls for Obama's IMPEACHMENT!

    The Tea Party Needs Your Help - Can We Depend On You?
    Obama is destroying America and driving us into bankruptcy!  It is time to send a message to Washington screaming: &nbs…
  • We've been trying since the 2008 elections, but this type of education of the masses  is going to take a LONG time! More time than most of us have. Therefore, we need to get with our kids, and grandkids to let them know what the fight is all about, and what the stakes are. WE are today, THEY are tomorrow, and Tomorrow is where the battle will continue. 

    Not to get alll preachy, but  I DO believe that this fight is just as important as Good vs. Evil. If Evil triumps, DECADES will go by before change happens for the better. NOW IS THE TIME! We need to educate those who will listen, and talk to those who might start thinking for themselves, and prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Liberalism/Socialism/Communism is great. ONLY for those in power.

  • "Let's charge into 2014 and ROAR!" ~ Dee
  • I've posted against Obama since before 2008 election. Thousands of comments and sharing from many sources. I am an American who loves the country enough to speak my mind even if others don't agree. I've lost a few friends and gained a few. I am amazed how many read my posts. Sometimes I have felt like I am speaking into a total void. Every now and then someone will like, share, agree or comment. One by one making people's eyes open to what is happening in this country.  Looking forward to other's views and efforts.

  • - my FB presence.

  • Wished I had seen this page earlier...  Many of us have been taking on anti-Americans all across the internet for quite some time, and I have to tell you, we felt alone.  Thank you, for starting this.

  • Facebook, or farcebook as we call it, has been trying to remove the constitution coalition every other day. THE DINOSAUR PROPAGANDA MEDIA IS DEAD, THE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA IS THE ONLY SOURCE FOR TRUTH. LONG LIVE THE CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION!
  • Darla, contact me via in regards to the Tea Party show.  I am willing to run the recorded shows on WTSA-DB Conservative Talk 7 days a week.  I just need someone's permission to do so and an RSS/XML feed link to access the archives.  No fee and you can leave any advertisements you have in the broadcast.  Let me know

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    Social voting’ really does rock the vote

    September 14, 2012

    The experiment and direct effects. Examples of the informational message and social message Facebook treatments (a) and their direct effect on voting behavior (b). (Credit: Robert M. Bond, et al./Nature)

    Brace yourself for a tidal wave of Facebook campaigning before November’s U.S. presidential election. A study of 61 million Facebook users finds that using online social networks to urge people to vote has a much stronger effect on their voting behavior than spamming them with information via television ads or phone calls, Science Now reports.

    The study follows a Science paper that tracked how people influence each other’s online behavior through F....

    On Election Day, about 60 million people received a message that encouraged them to vote. It included links to local polling stations, a clickable “I Voted” button, and photos of six of their randomly chosen friends who had already clicked the “I Voted” button.

    The photos apparently worked: People who received messages alerting them that their friends had voted were 0.39% more likely to vote than those who received messages with no social information. That translates to an additional 282,000 votes cast, the team reports online today in Nature.

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The Revolution has begun! Divided we fall!

Many states have petitioned to leave the union under Obama.  The revolution has been provoked.  But, divided we fall.  Without the U.S. military to defend them, how many states will come under fire from global jihadists and their NWO elitist allies?  Muslim separatists will want their own states as conquest for Islam is a fundamental principle in Islam (per the Qur'an and Sunnah).  Just look at Dearborn, Michigan.  The Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 to restore the caliphate (global…

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Homeland Security Takeover - We are now a Communist country!

Once again, President Obama has signed an unconstitutionally-expanded Executive Order giving himself kingship (See the Order:  This new Executive Order unconstitutionally expands the Department of Homeland Security to be the all-encompassing and all-powerful United States authority which answers only to the President.  Mr. Obama claims his actions are being…

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# (hashtags) and @'s for Twitter - groups to twitter to

Here is a list of hashtag groups to Twitter to, about anything... Post your subject/title then your # (hashtag) #tcot     <---TopConservativesOnTwitter #teaparty #wethepeople #conservative #hcr      <-----ANYTHING to do with the healthcare bill/Obama Care #killthebill   <----same as #hcr #GOP #breakingnews     <top priority news #American #freedom    <---can be anything related to a tax bill or something #bailouts #transparency #workerfreedom #debtceiling #jobs #immigration #israel example:…

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Richard D Gregory Sr

I am a very opinoinated man.I will start with something I posted on "JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET"This will bother many Christians; but I cannot help that.                        I believe that America was protected by GOD since before its inception.            I am having a hard time with all the ignoring of America’s trying to disprove the Christianity of America. I think it is time we said something about what we believe and stop ignoring our faith. HE said if we are ashamed of HIM now; HE will be…

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