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  • Christine your correct this is weird. I have a Tea Party folder where I save blogs I went into it today and it's empty.  I think your right we're being sabotaged. Tried sending Dee a message couldn't. Is this obozo's admin at work?

  • R. Timothy Ritchey, this is beyond weird, starting to feel like we're being sabotaged by who knows??? I'm not the greatest with technology, sorry, so could you try and find out what's going on from Dee? Thanks.

  • I haven't been receiving any either. I think we need a tab to report problems to Dee or web master or someone.

  • I haven't been receiving  tea party emails since April 1st. Does anyone know why ?

  • Hi, I haven't received any emails from the command center since April 1st? I don't know what happened, can you help please? Christine Sorensen.

  • Is there a section on "my page" that is like an "about me" section?  Just somewhere that we can lay it all out on the table, on who we are and where we stand.

  • Janet order to move forward , we MUST move backward ! A long way !

  • I want to know what I can DO to get this country moving forward in the right direction.

  • how do you delete a post ? 

    Mark all taken care of


  • Greg,
    I just did a quick count on one of the topics.
    I counted 8 pics in 12 posts....that's 2/3.

    Notice my icon ... Not a pic of me, but a picture.

    Are you using a Mac?
This reply was deleted.
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Removing photos from "MY PHOTO's"

It has been two days in a row so far that the systems are now allowing me to remove my own photo's. I remove those that are dated, no longer relevant and for the purpose of updating them so they are current.I click on on delete photo...............and then get the message to leave the window open until it is deleted.............but it just doesn't delete them. What is wrong here?

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