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  • @Greg,

    You can some choose not to, first you must have it saved on your comp. then bring up your profile from the settings under your inbox click on choose photo separate. click the photo and it should load some members have trouble depending on what Browser you are using.

  • why cant I upload a picture to my profile? I notice most members don't have a picture uploaded to their profile, why?

  • @L Barker

    Check your profile on FB if you share by hitting the share button 9 out 10 times it will go to your profile and have to share from there to get it on your wall I have the same problem so I just high lite the url in address bar and post with no problem

  • None of my post are being allowed to post or share on facebook. This has happened just recently. Can you help.

  • Diane,

    You need to click on Ning Creator at bottom of the page and send them a msg not here on Help page.

  • I post to comments made by others and even post my own but now I never get any responses to even my post although others have replied. This has just happened recently. I have contacted Ralph and he said to contact you folks at 'ning'. Well here I am and ready to give up.

  • I cannot figure out the way that you post messages?  Many times I am first to post and those who post after go to the top above me? If I wait untill others have posted, when I then post I'm still sent to the bottom, WHY?

  • Vern im not sure were you are seeing a like button on this site, i wish we had one, just curious are you signed in on this site, im thinking it might be giving you the option to use FB if you don't have an account.

  • That is strange , it should not be that way ! Some days I have had to log in here ? Did you do a scan ? Did you say something to aggravate the alphabet soup ?(just kidding) 

  • I cleared the cache in IE and also in Firefox and still have the same problem.  If I click on "Like" or if I try to post a comment it ask me to login with my Facebook account which I don't have or want.

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Removing photos from "MY PHOTO's"

It has been two days in a row so far that the systems are now allowing me to remove my own photo's. I remove those that are dated, no longer relevant and for the purpose of updating them so they are current.I click on on delete photo...............and then get the message to leave the window open until it is deleted.............but it just doesn't delete them. What is wrong here?

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