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  • I thought it was the sites problem and was gonna leave and come to find out , it was just me ! LOL !

  • You can like it and then just X out of that box ! I was having all kinds of problems and Ralph told me to delete my history and cookies and all my problems went away ! Now I have to repeat that process about once a week when it starts acting up ! 

  • If I read a news article and want to post a comment or even click on "Like" a page opens up for me to login with a "Facebook" login.  I can not post a comment or even click on "Like".

  • Vern , I am not sure what is happening with you but I am almost positive you do not hve to have a FB acct to post in a forum !
  • I don't have a Facebook account and I don't want a Facebook account.  It is ridiculous that you force members to have a Facebook account to leave a comment on a news story.

  • Anita, Admin Ralph

    I just posted a Reply at

    Click Here

    According to Word my "example" had 649 wodrs and 4163 characters.

    Since material was typed before the example , the Post likely had > 4300 Characters.

    It looks like the limit is more than 4000.

    Have you tried the suggestions of purging cookies, etc?

  • Anita,

    Ning has it set up that way we have nothing to do with it. There is a limit on articles and responses that can be made to 4000 characters. You can try deleting the cookies and history plus do a disk clean up. If you find any other way to over ride the characters kindly post here for everyone.

  • ANITA LOUIS LABARRON , I am going to leave a message with RALPH,(administrator), on your behalf if you don't mind. He fixed the problem I had last time. I think Johnny has the right idea though, delete your history and cookies. THAT should work.T.G.I.F. ! LOL!! Larry K. Parent NHaples, FL.

  • Anita , this was happening to me and I had to delete all my history and cookies , that did it !
  • Anita,
    To answer your question directly, I don't know.

    I have experienced a site that notified me os a limit of 4000 characters. about 5 characters per word, average, that's about 800 words...but you likely also have to account for spaces, line feeds, etc.

    THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE LIMIT ON THIS SITE. WE need to here from one of the site admins.

    I really don't think it is the computer OS Nor the browser.
    In any given day I use an iPad/Safari and PC/W7/Firefox.
    ...and your posts are "posting". I suggest composing using Microsoft word and checking the word/character count by using the REVIEW feature.
    Then copy/paste into your post

    Lacking any direct response from admins, try a 400 word post .

    If you get denied, go back to word and cut it back by 50 words... Till it fits.
    You can push the other way too... If 400words clears, go back and add to it..till you get blocked.

    Preferably we will hear directly from an admin.

    Good luck.
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Removing photos from "MY PHOTO's"

It has been two days in a row so far that the systems are now allowing me to remove my own photo's. I remove those that are dated, no longer relevant and for the purpose of updating them so they are current.I click on on delete photo...............and then get the message to leave the window open until it is deleted.............but it just doesn't delete them. What is wrong here?

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