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November 3, 2020: General election

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President of the United States
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Congress special election
Other state executive
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  • Please watch this video especially if you  live in California.


  • Suggestions for planks for the Tea Party platform:

    1.  get rid of the federal department of destruction of education

    2.  get rid of the EPA 

  • David

    I know morals,principles, honesty and character is what we need but, we do not have all this to chose from. People are not perfect. We all sin at sometime. If we ask for forgiveness our sins are forgiven. People do change if they want to. We need someone who can beat BO & do the best job bringing our country back to freedom. Our freedom has been taken away We do NOT need a lifetime business man or someone that has ties to George Soros.( He is a evil man ). He envolved with BO to take this country down and now he is endorseint Mitt??? You younger people please do a loat of research on Mitt before you vote for him. (Please)

    Mitt is the only way to go. Not perfect but he's been around and has lots and lots of experience. He can beat Bo


  • Lila

    I agree Romney is a lib for sure and would like to see Newt or Santorum in office

    but how do we do that, even the Rs in washington are having a hard time with Newt seems nobodys wants to give up there spoon in the gravy

    I know Newt would do well in a debate with BO

  • robair  I do not I say do not agree. Romney is just another white Obama.  Just listen to what he says his body movements and face movements You can tell when he is lieing. He can never beat Obama in a debate or anything else. Newt is the only way to go. He is not perfect but he has repented and is forgiven for his past. He knows the in and outs of everything going on in this county and is our only chance to survive in this country and start to bring us out of this mess. If we can get JB out of Ca?


  • To Xenoclast, I agree with you all of us Tea Party members need to meet for the Sacramento,North Bay,area sooner than later.If the party doesnt come strong and push forward this coming ellection the tea party could become watered down.were should we all meet? I think we neet a good location ideas ideas people.What about Cal Expo in SACRAMENTO? freddiefennell@ymail.com-freddie
  • Looking for groups near Sacramento to meet and discuss things like canvassing, marches, protests, etc...

    I feel compelled to not sit idly by, or simply post to forums, but to be actively involved in organizing others.

    We desperately need to be more active in California - and Sacramento (all politics is local). We also need to recruit more members and increase our strength as a political force for good. It is time for the citizenry to rise up and ensure our political leaders make the right decisions based on the Tea Party principles.

    Please respond if you are interested in taking action, or if you have suggestions about doing so. 

  • Es admirable observar el poder del Tea Party desde Europa, un movimiento creado por y para los ciudadanos de USA, y extensible a muchas naciones.


  • Im recruiting right now...ill keep you posted
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Obama: Enemy of the USA Exposed

Anyone who is not already familiar with the following website:  www.obamacrimes.com   needs to visit the website and read the shocking and frightening material posted there. It was written by an investigative attorney who has been trying to get Obama removed from office. The website exposes Obama for who he really is and his sinister plan to destroy the USA.....this is a MUST READ for all Americans !!!!!!!

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A win!!! The City of Vista has opted out of ICLEI thanks to the Vista Tea Party Patriots

Step one:  Members of the Vista Tea Party Patriots went to the Vista Planning Commission a few weeks ago and talked about Agenda 21 and Vista's membership in ICLEI.  After we spoke, we were told that the city is no longer part of ICLEI.  Step two:  On Tuesday, Feb. 28th at the Vista Civic Center at 5:30 pm, we are going to go to the City Counsel meeting and ask them to pass a resolution that makes it policy that they are not going to rejoin ICLEI.  We also will be giving them our scientific…

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Obama -The soluton

Solution: You want him out of the White House don't you? And you think you are going to get him out in the General? Think again! If you get him out in the Primary not the General then you have a chance in getting this country back to a sound economy. BUT you people are not thinking outside the box.. you are going to be trapped in the same box you are jailed in now.Your PROFESSIOAL politicians aren't doing squat for you! They fear an outsider who knows business and will go through the BOOKS! I…

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