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November 3, 2020: General election

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  • I am all for that. We need one around here, especially in Orange County. I am currently an older student here at UC-Irvine. Keep me posted!!!
  • lets get a socal rally goin???
  • I am also tired of the Christan bashing in this country.  cant even pray at a military funeral anymore, & its wrong to have a cross at the 9/11 memorial. But its okay to raise mosques everywhere, its okay to introduce gay social studies in our schools.  I have no hate for anyone, but lets play fair.
  • at 43 years old, I thought my world would look a little different.  I see a GREAT nation once the crown jewel of the world, now a laughing stock. I work very hard & seem to get less & less while other get by doing very little. i say enough of the hand out programs that cost us Billions.  30% of the debt increase is going to fund Mr. Obamas cabinet of socialists. How much longer will the American people be led around like blind sheep. we need to wake America up before America is gone forever.
  • I can't ir took me this long to this organization
  • Hello everyone.  I decided to join this party because it holds the most values that I believe in, for a single party.  I am dissapointed in the way the world views our country as I have had plenty of experience dealing with people in foreign countries.  I do not like the way that our country is being run right now, we should focus on our infrastructure, education, taking care of those in need (elderly), and most importantly, coming up with a balanced budget!
  • I am glad to be a part of this. It is a disgrace what is happening to our beloved country and the comments and actions over the last couple of days regarding the Debt Limit increase just further shows how out of touch some of the current so-called leaders are. The threatening by obama (lowercase on purpose) to withhold Social Security checks as a form of retaliation to not getting his way is downright criminal at the least. Furthermore, it shows how truly insensitive and uncaring he is to the American people. Me, I go with the uncaring. He does not give a damn what happens to the American people and, because the liberal left media will shift the blame anywhere he commands them to, he can always blame everything on Bush and the Republicans or the Tea Party. Finally, someone with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to him (in Cantor) and put him in his place, causing him to bang on his high chair and whine that people are not taking me seriously. What a joke, or at least it would be if he did not hold the highest elected position in the land.
  • Very nice Leah!  You know...I am insulted when the muslims in this country and all across Europe plead with the world to accept them as the "peace loving" people they sell them selves as...READ the Koran....Muslims kill and hate because their religion instructs them to. Christians kill and hate because there are stupid people that become too zealous and ignore the teachings of love and peace. There is only ONE Koran...and they ALL read it and area ALL bound to the teachings there in.....

    In my opinion there is no such thing as a non-radical muslim. If they are following the Koran....they hate infidels...if you are not muslim..you are an infidel and their Koran teaches them to remove the head of the infidel...death.   The "RADICAL" Muslims are true muslims and the rest are true muslims in training. The Koran is radical, Jihad is radical, Al Quida is radical....the muslim religion is radical and will destroy this planet if allowed to prevail. 

  • The Barbarians Gaza Salafis kill & slaughter Italian activist ... TO ALL HOW WANTS TO KNOW ISLAM,,, THATS THE REAL FACE OF ISLAM..
  • The Barbarians Gaza Salafis kill & slaughter Italian activist ... TO ALL HOW WANTS TO KNOW ISLAM,,, THATS THE REAL FACE OF ISLAM..
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Obama: Enemy of the USA Exposed

Anyone who is not already familiar with the following website:  www.obamacrimes.com   needs to visit the website and read the shocking and frightening material posted there. It was written by an investigative attorney who has been trying to get Obama removed from office. The website exposes Obama for who he really is and his sinister plan to destroy the USA.....this is a MUST READ for all Americans !!!!!!!

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A win!!! The City of Vista has opted out of ICLEI thanks to the Vista Tea Party Patriots

Step one:  Members of the Vista Tea Party Patriots went to the Vista Planning Commission a few weeks ago and talked about Agenda 21 and Vista's membership in ICLEI.  After we spoke, we were told that the city is no longer part of ICLEI.  Step two:  On Tuesday, Feb. 28th at the Vista Civic Center at 5:30 pm, we are going to go to the City Counsel meeting and ask them to pass a resolution that makes it policy that they are not going to rejoin ICLEI.  We also will be giving them our scientific…

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Obama -The soluton

Solution: You want him out of the White House don't you? And you think you are going to get him out in the General? Think again! If you get him out in the Primary not the General then you have a chance in getting this country back to a sound economy. BUT you people are not thinking outside the box.. you are going to be trapped in the same box you are jailed in now.Your PROFESSIOAL politicians aren't doing squat for you! They fear an outsider who knows business and will go through the BOOKS! I…

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